Auschwitz III – Unknown part of Auschwitz extermination camp

The Auschwitz camp is one of the most visited places in Poland. Every year, millions of tourists from home and abroad come here to meet one of the darkest pieces of human history. Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau are very well known. Not many have heard of Block 10 in Auschwitz or the crematoriums and the Birkenau Railway. However, the Nazi destruction camp in Oswiecim has another part. Perhaps the most important.

Auschwitz III Monowitz is one of the first and largest sub-camps of KL Auschwitz Initially, it had to be a factory of the German company IG Farben, which produces synthetic rubber and liquid fuel. The company authorities decided to take advantage of the proximity of the Auschwitz camp, and they signed a contract with the SS that allowed them to use prisoners as cheap labor.

During the first period the prisoners worked in the construction of a factory. Later, they built a barracks and created their own prison. The people who worked at Auschwitz III Monowitz were treated in a very brutal way. IG Farben's leadership worked with special security commandos and used SS assistance to force prisoners to work. Within about 3 years of operating Auschwitz III, management was still complaining about poor performance by workers. Beating and other punishments could not make them work harder. Even the introduction of a reward system does not mobilize them. As a reward, the Germans used permits to wear watches, hear longer, give them cigarette links and other little things. They didn't think that the main reason for the poor performance was hunger …

About 10,000 prisoners die during forced labor in Auschwitz III Monovitz. They were tortured to death by security guards. Those who were unable to work anymore were transported to Birkenau and killed in gas chambers or by injecting phenol into the heart. It's hard to say what's worse, die immediately in a gas chamber after being transported to camp, or be tortured, live in inhumane conditions and work as a slave.

Auschwitz III Monowitz is the most obvious proof that the power of the Third Reich is built on suffering and slavery.

Hotels in Manhattan New York

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York and is what people most often think of when they represent New York. Manhattan is actually an extended island and includes most of the most famous and popular neighborhoods, including downtown Financial District. Manhattan New York hotels leave no stone unturned to make the most of their lodging time. Whether you are visiting Manhattan on a business trip or having fun, your needs and requirements will be very well met by the hotel staff.

One of the most famous metropolitan cities in the world, New York is also the most sought after tourist destination. The city of New York is known as the Big Apple. A major center for food, fashion, movies, music, commerce and the arts, New York's Manhattan is a great tourist destination. Throughout the city you will find colossal skyscrapers, great inspirational structures, the best museums, theaters and art galleries.

The most ideal time to visit Manhattan is during the Christmas and New Year season. Although the weather is very cold, the atmosphere during the festive season is the most distinctive of the best. The city is at its dawn during this time, as the shop, the streets, the houses, the churches and everything imaginable is beautifully covered with lights, flowers and kicks. But ideally, the spring season – from March to June and fall, the months between September and November are also too good in New York.

An urban city like New York, accommodation is never a problem. Hotels in Manhattan New York have their own class. Well equipped with all the amenities and services you need for your enjoyment and comfort, the city hotels in New York are absolutely wonderful. New York hotels are offered in every other category and price range. Whether you are looking for cheap Manhattan hotels or luxury hotels in New York … you will find them all here.

In and around Manhattan you can enjoy the charm and splendor of its tourist attractions and sights. Its neighboring region, Chelsea, is a popular art center. You will find many art galleries and art museums for your enjoyment. Some of the popular include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The well-known Broadway Theater is a group of many professional theater artists and playwrights who host plays and musicals around Times Square.

The high cost of cheap knockouts

Just three miles from the headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC, is the heart of Georgetown, home to many of the capital's thinnest boutiques. Along the streets of Georgetown, you see the latest models from Kate Spade® bags and Rolex® watches, to Washington Redskins® hats and Hermès® scarves, to new Nike® Jordan LX2 (TM) NBA® Velcro® straps. In fact, you can make Rollerblade® up to the shelves of the display, as many of the hottest styles are sold right on the sidewalk at unbeatable prices. A Rolex® Oyster Perpetual (TM) Sea-Dweller 4000 (TM) will set you back thirty-five dollars. It is indescribable that Hermès® scarf is almost the same. And if you are blinded by these deals, for less than the price of entry to Café Milano, you can pick up a pair of Ray-Ban® Undercurrent 4006 (TM) sunglasses. Just don't use Windex® or Kleenex® to clean your lenses as this will ruin the cheap coating. It is also probably a good idea to refrain from smoking and avoid open flames while wearing this "hand-wrapped silk twill" scarf. And don't rely on this Rolex to be in time for this great job interview.

Counterfeits may seem to offer a cheaper start to a higher standard of living, but with each purchase of an inconvenient bag, the relative value of the real deal decreases. Patents and trademarks, the so-called intellectual property, are vital to most companies. Kate Spide, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and designers, filmmakers, athletes and recording artists deserve to be justly compensated for their creativity, intelligence and hard work.

What distinguishes most design products are the strengths of the respective brands. The brand name of luxury goods is expensive for a reason. Certainly this has a lot to do with the quality of the goods, the workmanship and the customer service. More subjectively, prices stem from the cache of owning the hottest fashions; that means not only what these products look like to you or your family, but what you perceive them to say about you, your style, your income and even your education and values.

Although prices may seem high, the public cost of these shocks is enormous and can be measured in terms of jobs, tax revenue, health and safety and now more than ever national security. Law enforcement officials in the US and international authorities confirm that al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are actively involved in the importation of counterfeit clothing, electronics and other goods and use the proceeds to fund operations and attacks. In a statement before the House Foreign Relations Committee, Interpol Secretary General Richard Noble said that these terrorist groups were directly responsible for the killing of over 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001 and for the catastrophic attacks in Bali, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Africa and the ongoing attacks against women. "We know that al-Qaeda supporters have found the trade sizes of counterfeit goods. And if you find an al-Qaeda operator with (counterfeit products), it's like finding a cockroach in your house. It should be enough to attract The sad irony is that on New York's Channel Street, buyers of new products may inadvertently fund the terrorists themselves, who crashed the hijacked planes at the World Trade Center, which stood several blocks away.

US law enforcement spends hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year to prosecute international criminal syndicates responsible for the design, manufacturing and smuggling they look at (along with dangerous counterfeit drugs) and thousands of other products across our borders. Counterfeit goods and smuggling are tax, unlicensed and unregulated industries that are expected to cost the US economy strikingly $ 200 billion every year according to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC). Think about it: hundreds of thousands of jobs at each level have disappeared; billions a year in local, state and federal tax revenue are shrinking. Twenty-five or $ 30 at a time, this money goes out of the local community and upstream to the overseas black-and-gray market groups whose activity undermines and corrupts foreign governments.

At a time when our law enforcement resources are steeped in the global war on terror, you might wonder why the Feds are bothering to look for counterfeiters. The fact is that they often work hand in hand. The links between terror and counterfeiting are not theory. They are not a frightening tactic that takes advantage of people's fear and patriotism. They are indisputable facts. Here are just a few of the IACC information sheets:

  • "Operation Green Quest, a multi-agency working group set up by the Ministry of Finance to identify, disrupt and dismantle terrorist financial infrastructure and sources of funding – specifically recognized counterfeit goods schemes as a source of terrorist financing."
  • "On February 28, 2003, Mohammad Hamud was sentenced to 155 years in prison for assisting the management of a cigarette smuggling operation that sends money to Hezbollah."
  • "Federal authorities are conducting several investigations into evidence suggesting that Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist networks may sell counterfeit products to pay for their activities worldwide … Law enforcement agencies say they are investigating multi-million dollar counterfeit software operations based in Ciudad Del Este, eastern Paraguay, believed to have diverted money to Middle Eastern groups linked to terrorism, some suspected of being Lebanese-born and arrested by Paraguayans in Asti based on information from US government officials said. "
  • "In 1996, Business Week reported that the FBI was investigating the link between counterfeit goods sales in New York and the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993."
  • "According to a private search investigator, an attack on a souvenir shop in downtown Manhattan led to the seizure of a suitcase full of counterfeit watches and the discovery of flight manuals for Boeing 767s, some of which contained handwritten notes in Arabic. New York-based counterfeit bag shop reveals faxes related to the purchase of bridge-checking equipment Two weeks after the attack at the New Jersey bag-store, police investigate an attack on a Lebanese organized crime syndicate member in the man's apartment, authorities found fake drivers and evidence of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists – including the names of some workers at the bag store who were attacked. "
  • "Los Angeles law enforcement officials are investigating possible involvement of Chinese organized crime syndicate Wah Ching in counterfeit counterfeit software. A March 1995 raid in Los Angeles raised no more than $ 10.5 million for counterfeit Microsoft software, holograms, guns , guns, etc. TNT and plastic explosives. Officials say three organized crime groups were involved. The case began with forging checks, escalated to hijacking and finally found links to counterfeiting. This is just one of many examples of Bindings between counterfeiting, organized crime and violent crimes that these groups carry out. "

It is clear that it is certainly not possible to conclude that criminal syndicates that successfully slide hundreds of tonnes of illegal goods across our ports and borders each year will have little trouble adding a few dozen Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to order.

In addition to public expenditure, counterfeits are generally of lower quality leading to personal injury. He took off his sunglasses. Along with cheap material, false labels claim 100% UV protection. As a result, tinted plastic lenses trick your retina into opening, allowing dangerous ultraviolet radiation to enter your unprotected eyes. In fact, you are much better off wearing sunglasses than those with questionable UV protection. You may think of a fake watch loading the Finding Nemo DVD, or you want Gucci to win someone. It's not that simple. Behind the street vendor who sold you this movie or fashion accessory is often a chain of criminal activity that spreads around the world and funds unregulated labs that pull out potentially deadly prescription drugs and even baby formula. That doesn't stop there.

The IACC reports that $ 12 billion of counterfeit auto parts are sold in the US each year at a cost of 210,000 workers. And unlike this fake $ 25 shawl, you may not find out if the brake pads are real until the insurance company runs the charred remains of your minivan. The fake parts of the plane are even involved in many fatal crashes, some of which involve our soldiers and pilots.

So how do you know the real fakes? It's easier than you think. With hundreds of supports for each true article, the full list will be the size of a phone book. Here is the primer.


  • High-end designers are usually sold from their own company stores or through authorized department stores and boutiques. They are rarely sold in discount stores and "exhaust stores" where there are many counterfeits. Understanding for sure is often as easy as visiting a designer's website or calling his or her 800 number. Avoid any "boutique" whose main architectural feature is chicken wire, thunderstorms, rough idling or windshield parking tickets.
  • The number of online retailers of "replica" and "designer inspired" merchandise is staggering. In fact, more than ten percent of counterfeit goods worldwide are already sold online. High-end designer clothing is rarely sold through online auctions and discounters. While eBay and other online auction houses strictly prohibit the sale – especially the retail sale – of counterfeiting of counterfeit goods, it is often difficult. When an online counterfeit dealer is discovered, they often reappear within days under a new web address. A quick visit to the designer's website will inform you exactly who is authorized to sell their products.
  • In order to protect consumers, official sports goods are not sold by people who roam the stadium parking lots or adjoining streets; as well as other branded goods, official team uniforms and leagues are sold by authorized dealers and manufactured by official licensees.


  • If your price seems too good to be true, so be it. You may find a good deal for this Rolex Daytona, but you won't get one for thirty-five dollars.


  • True DVD movies do not have the silhouettes of people carrying giant popcorn bags walking around the set. They are not on sale until the movie hits theaters. And if the movie is still playing on the street theater, the DVD of that movie is likely to be fake. With thousands of counterfeit products, it is impossible to enumerate the many distinctive characteristics of each. Once again, official websites often have pages about how to spot counterfeits.

Manufacturers are struggling by hiring private investigators and intellectual property lawyers to bring legal proceedings against counterfeiters and even street vendors who sell the goods. In only one case does a private investigator working for a lawyer representing large consumer product manufacturers pose as a client in search of fake Cartier watches. The most Globe and mail in Toronto reports that the undercover investigation provided valuable information on "well-connected" counterfeiters and manufacturers & # 39; The lawyer is currently negotiating to settle a case seeking more than $ 1,000,000 in damages. The intellectual property lawyer continues to win judgments against individuals and businesses that violate their client's design, but such a measure remains a difficult battle without vigorous enforcement of the law.

Many companies have come together to help law enforcement and protect consumers from unsuccessful actions. In particular, major professional sports leagues and collegiate athletic bodies have formed a coalition to protect the advance is the sports logos, or CAPS, This informative site has links to the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA and other leagues & # 39; sites where you will find detailed information about counterfeiting. These leagues have taken the extra step of standardizing their anti-counterfeiting measures to include unique holograms of the respective brands that are affixed to licensed products. Major software vendors and trade organizations have also formed coalitions to combat the huge problem of piracy; these include the Business Software Association, the Software and Information Industry Association, the Motion Picture Association, and the Recording Industry Association, to name a few. Each of these organizations offers comprehensive online information to protect consumers from counterfeiting.

Perhaps out of ignorance, many people, even those who can afford to buy the original article, choose to buy counterfeits. A person who buys a wallet similar in appearance cannot change, the thinking goes on. Think again. Although laundering, money laundering, underground drug labs, and terrorist training camps are oceans away from street vendors in Georgetown, Lower Manhattan, Boston, or Los Angeles, there is complicity.

Top New York City parks you can't miss while on a tour

Contrary to popular belief in New York, that of a chic city loaded with skyscrapers and some massive landmarks, the place actually has a fair amount of greenery. Nearly 14 percent of NYC is covered in greenery. When tourists get tired of the city's chaotic traffic, sightseeing and other activities, they can find relief in its many parks. These parks are ideal for travelers of different profiles, including children and students.

Listed below are the top parks you should not miss while on your New York tour.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Unlike some city parks in the New York region that are built to simulate rural greenery, the Brooklyn Bridge Park has its charm. The river park has many attractions for visitors of different age groups as it is. This is one of the newest parks and opened in 2012. Located under the historic Brooklyn Bridge and facing Manhattan, this park offers visitors breathtaking views of the the shore. It is also an ideal weekend destination for picnics.

Wash Meadows-Corona Park

The fourth largest public park in New York, located in the Queens area, is also called the Wash Meadows. It features the famous USTA National Tennis Center, Billy Jean King, which hosts the U. S. Open Tennis Tournament. Other notable attractions at the park include the Queens Museum of Art and the Queens Wildlife Center. There is a skate park and a lake for boats.

Hudson River Park

This beautiful 550-acre park stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street, giving visitors plenty of space to walk or skate while enjoying river views. You can enjoy watching kayaking and youth sports while relaxing on the grass.

Pelham Bay Park

This park, located in the northeast corner of the Bronx, is actually New York's largest public park with an area of ​​2, 772 acres. It is almost three times the size of the famous Central Park and you will need enough time to explore its various parts. The main attractions of this park include Pelham Bay Golf Course, Orchard Beach and Bartow-Pell Manor Museum. In the southeast area of ​​the park you will find baseball fields, picnic area, bike trails and a children's area. You can enjoy raising a horse at the Bronx Equestrian Center in the park. Nature lovers will find solace in the wildlife sanctuary of Thomas Pell, which houses species of wildlife, including heron bears and hawks.

Madison Park

Madison Square Park offers visitors to New York a break from cluttering and hurrying with its large grassy area, ample dog running space and scenic location. The incredible works of art that occupy the ground in the park will keep you hooked for long.

Central Park

Probably New York's most crowded and famous park, Central Park has witnessed millions of steps throughout the year. This is an area where you will never miss opportunities for recreation and recreation – including horseback riding, boating, wildlife exploration and more. It also hosts several entertainment programs and events during certain times of the year. Its outdoor ice rink is another major attraction for visitors.

Honeymoon Quiver – Cheap Deals

Wedding expenses are no joke! There are rehearsal dinners, bridesmaids and bridesmaid dresses, groom's party tuxedo rental, flowers, invitations, decorations, reception rentals, limousine rentals, diamond rings, wedding dresses, party receptions, parties and parties. And of course, you want to enjoy a honeymoon where you are just together. You want to relax and really get to know your honeymoon. Of course, you want to enjoy all the luxury amenities the resort has to offer (wherever you go for your honeymoon).

Explore off-peak seasons and prices and find the perfect times to visit places. January is the perfect time to visit New York, San Francisco and Washington. February is the cheapest honeymoon time in Celtic Ireland, the snowy mountains of Holland and Dallas, Texas. March is perfect for honeymooners in Los Angeles; go sightseeing in Italy and Spain. April is perfect for a Caribbean honeymoon cruise. Hawaii is the cheapest in May. June is a good time to visit Phoenix and Albuquerque for some Mexican exploration. July offers the best rates for visits to Tucson and Memphis. August is perfect in Las Vegas. September is the perfect time to go abroad and explore Asian culture. Head to Costa Rica in October. November is the best time to go kayaking on Lake Tahoe or enjoy the taste of the Dominican Republic. December is perfect for a visit to sunny, tropical, Mediterranean Greece.

The following travel destinations offer perfect romantic excitement without the hassle of an empty pocket.

London: There are numerous flights to choose from, and if you choose a remote location, the price is the lowest. Although it may seem more expensive than any other European destination, there are many hotels, restaurants, transportation and tourist services to choose from. Definitely London has something to offer you and your loved one within your budget.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Choose from luxury resorts to quirky downtown hotels. The newlyweds can visit Tulum or take a ferry to Cozumel Island and enjoy a beautiful snorkeling experience.

Tioman Island: If you are looking for an Asian experience, go to Tioman Island, Malaysia. Here you will find sandy beaches, green jungles and mountains; have fun in the sun or go snorkeling and scuba diving. Probably a hundred-dollar bill will assure you of two nights in an apartment in an oceanfront resort. The island can be reached by a two-hour ferry trip; ideal for dolphin watching.

Buenos Aires: Various cultural events, nightlife, shopping, local sports and excursions can be found in Buenos Aires. If you enjoy street performers, quaint shops and architecture, then be sure to explore La Boca.

Las Vegas: Best in gaming experience, the lights and sounds make Las Vegas the perfect whirlwind wedding and honeymoon setting. Many hotels and resorts offer affordable honeymoon packages that include discounts on accommodation, meals and entertainment.

But since honeymoon is related to the two of you together, you don't need to go out of town or out of the country. Check out the places you would like to explore in your local area. It's easy to create a romantic atmosphere and enjoy the perfect honeymoon vacation without breaking the bank. With candles and champagne alone together, your honeymoon can be perfect and affordable; maybe in the comfort of your new home.

Benefits of Traveling in a Business Jet Charter

You have a business meeting with your client abroad or you have to visit a branch of your company abroad, what will you do? Will you get a business class seat at a commercial airline or go on a charter? If it is very urgent, you must rent a private jet. You may feel that charter planes are an expensive option, but they are well worth the business charter can give you many things you can only want.

If you are traveling by plane to any destination, there are options such as commercial flights and charter planes. Here are some features of both tools. Business jets are just as ideal for business trips. If you are traveling with a business charter, you have many benefits. You don't have to wait an hour before your flight to be able to spend time with your family members in the meantime.

Unlike commercial flights, you can make phone calls, send emails and even make appointments while in flight. You can schedule your flight in no time. You can board and land your plane at the nearest airport to your site, saving you time to travel, wait, and drop off at the airport. Only in some difficult conditions will these flights be canceled, which you can reschedule according to your time.

Commercial aircraft operate on their own schedule. Although they have separate classes such as economy class, business class and first class; train embarkation time is standard. Road fares on these planes are quite cheap compared to business jet charters, but travel is time consuming. You are not allowed to make phone calls or send emails. You must arrive at the planned airport an hour before departure and must wait for your luggage to be released. Flights may be canceled or delayed. When you reach your destination, you need to look for funds available to reach the meeting place.

A business jet charter can save you time, money and a lot of hassle. Just think that you have a billion dollar business deal that is signed on the planned date, which, if not done, is lost. In that case, you have no choice but to book a business charter. I hope in your next business trip you will consider a business charter.

Last Minute Travel – Yes or No?

Over the last two weeks, we've had a few clients call and request last-minute vacations at Caribbean resorts for the next week or two, assuming they'll make great deals. Why? Because they heard about them on t.v.

Did they receive great offers? Absolutely not. In fact, two of them completed reservations for resorts that they could drive to. Although we had no problems finding hotel rooms, last minute airline tickets made their vacation excessive. Of the few flights we found there were seats left, airfares were only between $ 1200- $ 1500 for two flights to Jamaica, Mexico or California. This was the budget that each client had in mind for their entire vacation.

Meanwhile, a customer who booked a Cancun vacation in April for four nights on a four-star All Inclusive paid $ 1,185 for two people, including airplanes and transfers from Newark Airport. Why? Because it is booked early. Another example? I booked my own four-night vacation from Long Island to Vegas four months ago for the week of September 28th. Direct flights from Long Island with four nights in Paris and two way transfers. The price? $ 993 for two. (This is the regular price, not the price of travel agents – another mistake is that travel agencies always get discounted travel). The same vacation today is $ 1106.

We get daily notifications from providers of what they consider to be a last-minute trip, which is actually three to four months down. In July, we received reduced cruise fares from several cruise lines for October. Here's an example of something we got today with discounted prices:

Mexican Riviera


September 26;

October 3, 3, 10, 17, 24, 31;

November 7, 14, 21, 28;

December 5, December 12

Prices start at $ 399 * $ 499 * $ 649 *

See the dates? The earliest date for sale prices is September 26.

We checked last minute fares for a cruise from New York to Bermuda for seven days two weeks before the ship was departed. There were very few cabins left and the interior cabin was priced at $ 1,779 per person. If the client looked like six months ago, that same cabin would go for around $ 800 per person from NY in the summer (the most expensive cruise time anyway).

Don't believe all the last-minute noises you hear. Last minute in many cases means one, two, three or four months in advance. Waiting up to a week or two before you want to travel, you are dealing with planes that are nearly full, as most airlines have reduced the number of flights to avoid non-capacity planes. Of the few places you can find, the price is two to three times what you would pay by booking flights three to six months in advance.

Book early for the best rates, Our agency will always check prices several times before you travel and if we find a better price from the supplier, we will always try to get that price for you. But these days there is rarely a price drop when you book early, except for some cruises.

Buy travel insurance with cancellation for any reason coverage, Several travel insurance companies cancel for some reason available insurance. If something happens to your job or your economy gets worse, you can cancel your vacation and get your money back. It is definitely worth considering this type of insurance if you are worried about changing the economy after booking your vacation. This type of insurance is more expensive than sickness insurance, but for some it is worth the extra money.

Last June, when the swine flu epidemic caused people who were booked into Mexican resorts to cancel their vacations or re-register in other areas, those who gave up for some reason, the insurance was in able to be overwritten and not have to worry about sanctions – penalties are reimbursed from their travel insurance. Those who chose insurance that covered only sickness were not so lucky. Unless they were sick enough before their vacation to cancel their travel for covered reasons, they risked traveling or losing their money.

In conclusion – book early, buy travel insurance to protect your investment and call an experienced travel agent to ensure your vacation is as seamless as possible.

Las Damas Apartments in Benidorm

The Las Damas Apartments are cozy two key holiday apartment complexes, located one block from the beach of Levante Beach at Madrid's Avenida in Benidorm. The old town and the resort center are within walking distance and a 15-minute walk away. The nearest golf course is 5 km from the Las Damas Apartments.

The complex consists of one hundred and twenty apartments, spread over twenty-five floors and serviced by two lifts. Each unit has a sofa in the lounge / dining area, a fully equipped kitchenette and balconies overlooking the sea. Heating and satellite TV are available for an extra charge, payable locally.

Amenities at Las Damas Apartments include an outdoor swimming pool with sun terrace, sun loungers and umbrellas, which is guaranteed to be open from June 15 to September 15.

Las Damas apartments have no reception area and all check-in guests are required to pick up their keys from the Avenida Madrid Fincas Benidorm Edificio Veracruz headquarters at the corner of Calle Castellon at regular opening hours from nine in the morning to seven in the evening Monday through Friday. Guests arriving outside these hours or on weekends should pick up their keys from Calle Ciudad Real's Buena Vista apartments. All arriving guests are required to pay a refund on arrival to use all amenities.

Shops, bars and restaurants are plentiful around the complex, offering Spanish specialties and familiar English food at the pub. The Las Damas apartments are well located to make the most of the Playa Levante golden-blue beach and to use as a base to visit theme parks and enjoy all the nightlife Benidorm has to offer.

Las Damas apartment prices can start as little as eight pounds a day.

Benidorm is a city that has many attractions, namely the beautiful climate, which is even good in the winter, of course the beautiful beaches, especially Playa Levante, the most popular beach, which is lined with restaurants bars and shops.

Many people choose to rent an apartment in Benidorm because you can get for five people at a very reasonable price. Cheap flights are also available to Alicante Airport from most destinations in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Accommodation at a hotel is also quite reasonable in Benidorm, and those offering budget apartments are a better choice.

The green spaces of Ragusa

A city like Ragusa can offer a lot to its visitors. The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about a Sicilian city is probably the sea. Sicily is an island and is surrounded by the sea, or better said by the seas. Wherever you go along the shores of Sicily, you can be sure that you will find a beautiful sea where you can dive and relax. And the province of Ragusa is no exception, on the contrary: last year Marina di Ragusa was awarded for the best beach in Italy.

What else comes to mind when you think of this beautiful Italian region? Its monuments may be: cities like Palermo and Catania are well known around the world for their monuments and buildings, but there are treasures to discover and interesting sites to visit in all Sicilian cities. In Ragusa, just to give an example, there are many monuments that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. What about food? There are so many typical products and flavors in Sicily that you really run out of fat after spending a vacation in this region! Once again, the city of Ragusa is an excellent example in this sense: many typical products that you can try in this city are protected by the European Union, and Ragusa is also ranked among the top thirty cities in the ranking for high quality food and wine. Some of the specialty products in the field, such as Modica honey and chocolate, are known worldwide.

Sea, art and food … what else? Nature of course! In Sicily, the scenery is great and there are many parks and nature areas that can surely satisfy everyone who likes nature. There are many green areas in Ragusa where you can wander, discover new species of plants and animals or just relax, and thanks to these spaces, the cities of Sicily and in particular Ragusa are so highly appreciated by tourists and visitors. Among the green spaces you can enjoy in Ragusa and its surroundings, do not miss Giardino Ibleo (Hiblean Garden), the Machia Forest Nature Reserve on the Irmigno River and the Calaforno Forest Park. Let's start with the Hyblean Garden, which is one of Ragusa's four main gardens. You can enter it along a path lined with palms, and inside you can find a monument dedicated to the victims of World War I, the Church of San Vincenzo Ferrere, the Church of San Giacomo and the Church of the Capuchins. Near the garden, which overlooks the Irminio Valley, are the archeological excavations of Ragusa Ibla. The Macminia Forest Nature Reserve on the Irminio River was created in 1985 around the mouth of the Irminio River and overlooks the Mediterranean. It includes both sandy shores and rocks and is home to many species of animals and plants. Last but not least, the Calaforno Forest Park, a hill that is deteriorating towards the sea and which has undergone forestry, has turned a rocky and dry area into green.

Things to focus on as you plan to travel

How would you feel if you did things differently and had to return home before boarding an airplane? It will really be a bad feeling. Therefore, traveling with the right planning is simple art and involves many things that are:

• Budgeting

• Decide on the destination and partners you want to travel with

• Online hotel reservation

• Fight booking

• Packaging

• Rent a car to explore the new destination

Not only these, but you also have to decide what to shop for, given your budget. All planning depends on two main things, which include getting everything you need and within the budget. For example, one of the concerns may be getting the best accommodation deals. However, to get them within your budget, one may prefer discounted hotel rooms. Don't worry, there are countless travel deals available these days, including cheap hotel deals as well as luxury hotel deals. All you have to do is find one of the budget hotels for you. The best part about participating in this technological era is that you can now turn to the online hotel reservation system to book hotel rooms with discounts, as well as bed and breakfast offers.

In addition to receiving the best accommodation deals, there is another concern that may arise when packing your luggage. What should you bring with you to your desired location? You do not want to get into a situation where you either leave something at home or are not allowed to take something in the fields. In addition, you should know here that carrying your extra luggage will also change dramatically often and will surely ruin your travel budget. This way, pack wisely to travel where you want, keeping in mind the following tips:

• There are several things that are forbidden to fly. Few things we all know are illegal to carry, but there are still few things that can create confusion about whether or not a passenger should carry them. In such a situation, you should check the airport security site online as it supports all point-by-point instructions.

• Once you understand the things you cannot carry, focus on the ones that are essential to your journey. Find out what purpose you are traveling for. This can be for any reason, including a tourist trip, a business meeting, a relocation or something else. Pack your luggage based on the idea of ​​your trip. For example, if you are traveling to the United States for a vacation trip, then you don't have to take a lot of formal dresses with you. Wearing one or two formal dresses will be appropriate in the event that you will need to attend an unplanned evening party there.

• Make sure you pick your clothes according to your destination time. Finding the weather in each country is not difficult, as you can search for all the details, including the weather forecast online.

• It is strongly recommended that you travel as much light as you can. For this reason, the best approach is to pick small toiletries to avoid luggage weight. Don't worry, as small travel toiletries are now available on the market. You can visit any market to buy them, and you can also order online.

In a nutshell, keep all these points in your mind to enjoy the hassle-free journey to your desired destination.