Best Forex Broker – get it wrong and you can not

There are many brokers to choose from. Just swipe a search online and you will find thousands of sites to choose from. Search Best Forex broker is crucial to your success in the exciting world of currency trading.

You will see that the supply of services between brokers vary considerably. Many will organize a fantastic training for beginners. This is important because a strong understanding of the basics is essential.

Despite the fact that you can not use trading methods offered by the company with which you choose to work, good to have a well defined understanding of the trade. It never hurts to have more information and knowledge than you really need.

Some companies offer online seminars and training videos. This is a feature that I love. If you are like me, I tend to learn faster by listening and watching video than read documents.

Access to support is very helpful. No matter how easy it is to use the trading platform, you may have questions. Nice to know that you can turn to an experienced person if you need help.

You need access to the news that affect currency prices. Regardless of whether you trade full time or just sprachaetse, you should be aware of the news events that influence the currency prices. Full-time traders are almost addicted to news monitoring, because they know how much the news announcement may affect their trading. Every day there is news that you need to know when trading.

Most companies do not charge a fee for the transaction, as do firms that sell shares. What to look for – is spread amount. Different service providers have different spreads on each major currency pair. The larger the spread, the greater the cost of your bids.

I say that the most important feature to look for – is the provision of accounts practice. All forms of trafficking, you have to deal with. Many companies offer a practical account with live market data. If the broker you are considering does not have this feature, I would have used it.

Take your time and consider at least half a dozen companies. Also nice view blogs and forums to learn, there are several brokers. Follow all the steps that I cover, and you will find the best Forex broker to suit your trading needs.

Risk Management in Forex

Forex market & # 39 is a very lucrative field of battle, where traders are fighting for money and make money when the money is also lost. However, what makes trading currencies other than gambling in a casino – is the ability of hard-working people who spend their time tracking of news, analysis and risk management in trading, to take full control of your investments and a stable big yield. In this article I will give you some tips to help you manage your risk when trading in the Forex market.

– Stop loss and take profit orders to:

Most brokers offer forex stop loss and take profit orders, which can be used to control the risk factor. Set stop-loss, depending on how much you are willing to risk on each trade, and I personally never risk more than 0.85% of my assets in a single trade, so my orders on stop-loss is always set accordingly. Do not set too low orders for the stop-loss, or your position may be closed by conventional small ups and downs of the value of the currency pair. Always set your order to make a profit with a reasonable profit, otherwise you'll be able to transfer the expected move up and down and start making losses. Monitor the market volatility at any time and make sure that corrects both orders, respectively.

– Trade in such instruments:

Avoid holding positions against currencies which usually move in the same direction, for example a pair of EUR / USD and GBP / USD tend to move together in the same direction, so I avoid opening positions on both, if I have no fundamental or technical guidance to act differently .

– No chase their losses:

All traders, including yours truly had a loss of one point or another, but smart traders only pursue profits, and if they have a bad experience with a particular tool, it remains neutral to it, and it moves in the pursuit of profit as opposed to many traders taking approach to the casino and to pump more money into a losing trade, trying to compensate for their losses. When it's time to move on, time to move on. Never chase your losses.

– Take control of levers:

Not all brokers allow you to customize your arm, but the arm adjustment – a great way to manage the risk to find out more about the leverage that you can read in my article The leaders – a gift or a curse.

– diversify your portfolio:

Always looking for new tools of the trade, the more you diversify your trades, the less risk you will encounter. Use a broker who offers more tools, such as f & # 39; yuchersy, stocks, an ETF, options, bonds, CFD or mutual funds.

– How to do it correctly?

Set the compensation coefficient for the risk, I personally use a ratio of 1: 3, so that, for example, I set the transaction revenue from 3000 to $ 3, I stop loss at $ 1000. I personally recommend this relationship, as it is a balanced attitude.

Unlike many other traders who have decided to control their risks and rewards, will likely have a chance against the bad days in the markets, take control of your trading and make a profit on the risky market like Forex.

Common problems with foreign currency and their solutions

Constantly make bad decisions
Take such a decision can be very simple, and not to make money, but traders who consistently make decisions that cost them money, may try to make a break for a couple of weeks. Forex trading market can be risky and fast, and it can cause a certain amount of stress. As soon as the stress is enhanced, the simplest solutions can seem overwhelming. Break from the market will give anyone the time that they need to clear your head, and make smarter decisions when they enter again.

If this does not work, a few online courses designed to teach newcomers about currency trading can be one of the ideal solutions. This can be seen a lot, so newcomers will never feel bad when mistaken or two. It happens to everyone.

simplify things
Too many traders are still looking for a key way to strategizavats their moves to come out on top. Unfortunately, this often results in charts and graphs the data-like painting in a museum, not a timetable. In addition, they read the daily economic news and so on. While dive head first may seem the case, the use of these methods will give the opposite effect.

It's a simple thing, and is often the instinct of the human intestinal prompt them to trade or wait. This is the strongest indicator that a trader can have. Instead of looking for the perfect way to trade and spend countless hours reading the economic news, which can be quite boring in any case, simplify things and maybe go with one or two figures. These solutions will remove a lot of stress, and traders will find that they are no longer aware of.

have discipline
Discipline not to trade – one of the ideal solutions for many of the problems faced by traders. Those who have more experience in the market, have both knowledge and experience to know that if a particular trade does not adhere to their strategy, they should not do. As mentioned earlier, the instinct of the intestine can be a powerful thing. If the trader has little doubt about the completion of the transaction, it is a wise idea not to trade. This may mean that simply do not participate in the sale for weeks at a time, but it will require a certain discipline.

This way of making money continues to increase in popularity, but many novice traders are constantly faced with an average level of experience with a particular problem on a permanent basis. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration. These three tips from the most experienced traders can give a solution to many problems and help to relieve all the stress and frustration experienced by many beginners. Currency Trading – this is an interesting way to earn more money, but this should never lead to extreme losses and anger, and, thanks to this parade, no longer necessary.

How to watch Broadway shows in New York on a budget

Planning a trip to New York soon? Do you want to attend some Broadway shows and still stay on budget? Here are some great tips for getting into New York, where you can see some plays without spending a fortune.

Getting to New York

Are you trying to decide which airport to choose to fly to? Instead of flying direct to New York, consider a flight to Newark, New Jersey. Why? The NJ Transit train will take you directly from Newark Airport to Penn Station in New York in 30 minutes for $ 13.00 one way. It's much cheaper and faster than trying to get a taxi from one of New York's airports to downtown Manhattan.

Get off the train at Penn Station in New York. While at the station, purchase a 7-day unlimited metro card. The ticket is $ 31.00 and can be used to tour the city for 7 days from your stay. This will come in handy when planning your sightseeing trip.

Head to Times Square

When you leave Pen Station, go to Times Square and see all the plays that are performed while in town. While standing in the middle of Times Square, look at all the billboards. There are performances both on Broadway and outside Broadway. There are so many to choose from!

As you look around you will notice under the Broadway red steps and the 47th, the TKTS ticket booth. It opens at 3:00 pm every day except Tuesday, when it opens an hour earlier at 2:00 pm. How do you know you found it? Look for hundreds of people to buy theater tickets for up to 50% off. What deal! Near the ticket window you will see for which releases they are selling tickets as well as ticket prices. Ready to go in and get your ticket tonight? These lines are moving fast, but expect to be online in about an hour. Do you want to spend an hour on your vacation standing in line every day?

Use your metro map and head outside Times Square

There may be a better way. The same tickets are also sold in two other places:

Seaport South Street
Corner on the front and streets of John

Downtown Brooklyn
1 MetroTech Center, corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue Promenade

Usually these seats open 4 hours before the Times Square ticket office. They both open at 11:00 AM every morning, except that it's closed in Brooklyn on Sunday and Monday every week. Receiving your tickets at one of these other locations allows you to have a better choice of seats to present this night, since they open earlier than Times Square. The best part is you can usually go to the window without waiting!

Use your metro map to take you out of town to one of these other places. I would recommend one day to get your tickets to Brooklyn where you can stop for lunch and enjoy pizza. After lunch, consider a stroll back across the Brooklyn Bridge. Views of the city are worth the walk! It's time to grab your tickets and enjoy the show!

That's why cryptocurrency nails Bitcoin to shame

Kryptavalyuty is now rage.

Everywhere you see the headlines with an impressive thousand-year revenue for these "coins" as bitcoin. But what gives them value? If you've ever used bitcoin?

The truth is that now it is not practical in the first place because of the amount of time required to complete the transaction. But there are other coins that are viable candidates to overcome Bitcoin as cryptocurrency number 1.

There's a lot that you need to understand the intricacies of kryptavalyuty, but this article – more on finding investment opportunities than the explanation of science that is behind them.

Bitcoin bubble?

The only thing that is important to know – this is the concept of "mining". This is the basis cryptocurrency. This is how new bitcoins made.

In simple terms, "Miner" with the help of special software solves complex math problem and eventually rewarded with new bitcoins. Then the transaction is stored in blockchain, and those new bitcoins are officially in circulation.

As more bitkoynav in circulation, their production becomes more complex and time-consuming and less profitable. And despite the fact that about 80% of the possible bitkoynav are now in circulation, the latter did not win until 2140.

As most people know so far, this year saw a huge bitcoin share. In fact, it has increased about 1200% over the last year, forcing many people to think that this is a "bubble".

Total cost bitkoynav turnover now exceeds $ 150 billion. If bitcoin was now, he would have been in the top 50 largest in the United States.

I personally believe that the only reason that bitcoin is so valuable than any other cryptocurrency, lies in the fact that it was she who first made its way into the mainstream. It is still important. That, at least, gives another developer coins to improve something.

The good thing is that even if you think you've missed the boat with Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrency. Of course, some fraudsters, but others have real potential.

One of those who, in my opinion, is the present, practical use, called the Dash.

Dash: Digital available

Firstly, Dash ahead of the game in terms of convenience. Now average bitcoin transaction takes from 10 minutes to an hour. Dash is set as the main cryptocurrency, which can be instantly transferred (less than one second) between the parties, which will make it much more practical when it comes to buying things online or in store.

One of the most attractive features of the Dash with & # 39 is that 10% of newly mined coins given DAO Dash (decentralized autonomous organization). Simply put, DAO – a storehouse of Dash. With the current price exceeding $ 600 per coin is $ 4 million per month, which it can use.

It is important to know that no other coin is not that kind of continued funding. With this money Dash DAO can develop and sell currency.

In addition, anyone can give an idea for a project to increase the value of Dash. Then vote for the draft Dash thousands of developers. An example is the partnership with the stores to make Dash viable means of transaction for their products.

Of course, these developers make money by Dash, so anything that is beneficial and promotes the exchange, will become attractive.

This creates a circular effect, when the currency going up in price, because it is better to finance and sell, then DAO makes more money, and it can Dash market even more.

Breakthrough on dash

So far, the Dash can be used in more than 300 stores and 100 sites for the purchase of goods and services. But the breakthrough to it may come from the field of marijuana.

Now banks are not allowed to do with the operations of marijuana; everything must be done in cash. Sellers can not even put the money in a bank sale.

It not only brings the risk of robbery, but these companies have to pay for storage and transport of cash. It quickly develops.

The ability to use Dash would be huge for these sellers. It also means different things Dash price.

The good news from the & # 39 is that it has already started to progress. In April, the Dash has collaborated with a digital payment system called Alt Thirty Six, which has partnered with some of the leading programs dispensary business management programs in the country.

These software companies monitor transactions in hundreds of dispensaries and delivery services. This means that the Dash users already have hundreds of ways to use the currency.

Since October 11 Dash officially became a form of payment on Alt Thirty Six, its price has increased by 118%. It was only a month and a half.

only the beginning

With a market of only $ 4.8 billion, compared with Bitcoins 156 billion dollars, I believe that in the Dash still has a lot of opportunities to climb forward.

Industry marijuana – it's the beginning for Dash, but this is a great option. In 2016 legal sales of about $ 7 billion. Yet it is estimated that 46 billion dollars were sold on the black market.

As soon as more shops opened, and marijuana becomes legal in several states, it is expected that by 2021 the legal amount will be $ 23 billion, and by 2026, 50 billion dollars.

Again, this is just the beginning for the Dash. Its unique feature is the direct transaction making it a viable alternative to cash, which gives it an advantage over other cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

Forex forecasting methods

In fact, Forex trading is similar to that predicted whether. Currency does not change randomly. Instead, it changes in a predetermined order that is determined by market demand. Therefore, trade is not of & # 39 is not possible, provided that the research and experience carried out correctly.

Predicting currency trading in the Forex market is done in two main ways. First, the technical indicators, and secondly, a market analysis based on economic news and trends. Both have to be done simultaneously.

Beginners can only predict on the basis of technical analysis, but advanced traders need to predict, based on news related to the trends of the economy.

Technical Analysis – this is a reasonable way to predict currency changes based on mathematical formulas. The users may not need to know the mathematical details associated with this type of analysis. They only need to know how to properly use these indicators.

For example, stochastic indicators this way to predict currency changes mean to see whether the rate is very low or very high for a relatively long period. In this case, & # 39 is a trade event and the trader can buy or sell the currency, which is traded.

On the other hand, the economic analysis is used to predict currency changes based on the financial condition of the country with the currency that is traded. It depends on the level of the industrial countries, as well as the political situation in the country. For example, if a country is at war, it is adab & # 39; etsya on the value of the currency of that country.

As mentioned above, this type of analysis requires advanced traders to be able to use it. Easier to & # 39 are technical indicators, and not even all of them, as some indicators can be difficult to use.

Strategic trading strategy – it is a way to predict currency changes on the basis of a combination of technical indicators and news analysis. For example, Forex strategy can have two technical indicators, such as stohastychny and MACD, and no news analysis is not included in the strategy.

For a more successful strategy for a trader should use fewer indicators for simplicity, as a rule, more simple, even greater success. This applies to many areas of our lives, not only for trading in Forex.

Predicting currency changes in a simpler way will give you a rough idea to help make a decision to buy or sell right now. The ability to predict currency changes – the key to success in trading. In other words, nepradkazanne how currency is lead to failure in the trade and lead to losses.

4 tips on how to become a trader in the Forex market strange

You want to succeed in the Forex market? Here are tips on how to achieve success:

Be the review news

Economic news and global events have a major impact on currency pairs. For example, there are some warning about the news, which resulted in a currency to 200 points. This means that if the market goes against you, you will lose a lot of money depending on your influence. To be safe, you need to be careful with news and events. Funny thing is that many websites which trade on the Forex market will give you the important news alerts, and all you have to do is read the notice.

Use the demo account

Demo account – is the account, which has all the features of a live account; Thus, if you use it, you will feel a real account. Before you start trading your real money, you will need to use the account and make sure that you fully learn how to trade. If you have a problem, you do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service.

Use automated trading

If you do not have much time to devote to trading, you should use Forex robots. This machine, which will be to analyze the market and to trade on your behalf. All you need to do is install them and they will do everything for you. To avoid losses, you should make sure that you set a stop-loss account.

You should note that not all trading companies allow robots to trade; so you need to conduct research to find the right company for you.

Use smaller spreads

If you are a new trader, you should avoid large spreads and instead go for smaller spreads. For example, you need to go into four pips. The reason is that you are still a novelty in the market and you will be sure to make mistakes. If you have a smaller spread, you will not lose a lot of money if the market goes against you.


It is the tips that you should follow in order to become a prominent trader in the Forex market. To become a master, you need to invest in knowledge, where you need to read as much as you can about the trade. You also need to have the confidence and discipline to trade only when the time comes.

Top Tips in Forex – How to quickly find profitable strategies and test them without the risk!

If you want to win at forex trading, you need the best advice, as 95% of traders lose money and obviously get the wrong education. So, let's look at how to get the best advice, as well as consider the tips that should be avoided if you want to win at Forex trading.

Most traders who seek help in the generation of its trading signals, try the following loss tips:

They buy cheap software packages and think that they can bring a lifetime income, do not work and spend only a hundred dollars to achieve this and, of course, lost the money. You don; not buy success in the Forex market is cheap.

Other traders seek the help of the forum, but the only traders who manage to hang forums – it is the losers who feel better by giving away his questionable intelligence. Other traders watching the news and so-called experts, but after the news, they do not bring you any money, and that's because the markets are rallying, where the majority of the bear and the fall, when most bullish.

So where can you get the best advice on the forex market?

The answer is – buy a Forex course that comes from real traders who will not only give you proven strategies, but also to explain why they work so you can trade them with confidence. Most courses, though will give you something more:

They are trading strategies to trade in real time, so you can, if they make money. If you really make money, you know that you can also earn money, and if for any reason you do not want to learn how to trade forex strategy – you receive a refund of payment for the course, you learn to trade without risk.

A good course will cost you about a hundred bucks, so within reach of all traders and help teach you how to make a great second income in 30 minutes a day. So if you ever thought about trading in the Forex market and wondered whether it is possible to make money, why not learn pasprabuyuchy best forex courses and learn about the risks?

Subcontinent Indian planes and cheap flights

India is the second most populous country in the world and has a diverse mix of races and religions, ranging from Sikhs to Hindus and even British expatriates. If you are new to visiting India, here is some information on Indian airlines and flights.

Airports and airlines

Airports in India serve millions of passengers traveling to and from the country. The list of busiest airports includes:

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport – New Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – Hyderabad
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji – Mumbai International Airport
  • Chennai – Chennai International Airport
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport – Kolkata
  • Bengaluru – Bangalore International Airport

India also has its own fleet that caters to both domestic and international travelers. Some of the best airlines flying both domestic and international flights include:

  • Air India
  • Air India Express
  • indigo
  • Jet Airways

Many other foreign airlines also fly to and from India, including United Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, China Airlines, Emirates, Air France, British Airways and Cathay Pacific.

Foreign destinations

New York, London, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok are among the most popular foreign destinations for both Indian residents and foreign tourists. Most of these flights depart and arrive from Indira Gandhi International Airport, although some flights depart and arrive from Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Domestic destinations

Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore airports require a connecting flight from either New Delhi or Mumbai. They rarely operate international flights beyond the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and operate mainly domestic flights that are either related to or from the international flight itself.


Prices will depend on the brand of the airline, the type of seating and the destination. Economy class is usually the cheapest, while the most expensive seats come from business class. Local flights sell mostly economy class seats.

Book Flight

Flight reservations can be made online or through a ticket agent. Book your tickets as early as possible to avoid last-minute ticket issues and get in as early as possible. Cheap flights from Australia to India and other destinations in Southeast Asia can provide passengers with the highest value possible when carrying out their arrangements. The cheapest frequency can be found with significant cost savings over expected costs, ensuring that frugal passengers can enjoy international flights for much greater value. Those who travel a lot may be able to save significant costs in the long run, ensuring that they will be able to find a cheap flight when they need it, gives them many advantages over more novice travelers and those who do not resources to reduce their flight costs.

Forex – Robatychnyya advantages over manual trading

Using all the tools available to you if you trade in the Forex market – this is a way to earn money. You can not properly fix the car if you do not have the tools and the same applies to trade in the Forex market. Here, I'll show you a number of tools that you can use to help you on your way to financial freedom.

When I talk about the tools to trade in the Forex market, I'm talking about tools that you can use that are designed to help you sell at the right time, so you are not left to guess when to trade. If you have to guess when to trade, you will very quickly lose money. Forex markets are very unstable, and most of the time the market moves in a logic circuit, which can be found by using the proper tools.

Since you can not predict the future, you do not need to know 100% that prices will move in one way or another. If you know that based on your tools market will move at least 55% certainty, you can take this opportunity to make money.

Forex traders tend to use financial indicators to analyze financial data to determine when to enter and exit the trade. This is based on a series of mathematical equations that have been proven before to be not less than 55% accurate. This type of tool is called technical analysis. You can find indicators online that will explain some of these equations and how to use them. You can mix two indicators together to get another unique trading style.

Another tool uses a published news Forex. It trades on the basis of the news reported that, when you have to buy and when you need to sell a particular currency. This type of trading is called fundamental analysis. This type of trade is less accurate, since by the time the news are published, the market has already begun to correct itself.

Forex traders, whether beginners or professionals can and do use Forex robots. This robot can use financial data and determine with mathematical equations made by professional traders to trade just like the pros who made the program. This is a great tool that you are using, if you are a beginner and do not know when to trade, or for professionals who want to take a break from trade and sleep, or do any other interesting things, while the robot trades.

I hope that this information is informative, so you can understand the possible tools you can use when trading in the Forex market. It is not necessary to trade in vain. Use your tools to use its power to make real money.