As cryptocurrency gaining value for money?

Cryptocurrency – is the latest & # 39; great thing & # 39; in the digital world and now were recognized as part of the monetary system. Actually enthusiasts have designated it as & # 39; Revolution Money & # 39 ;.

Clearly speaking, cryptocurrency – a decentralized digital assets that can be shared between users without the need for a central body, most of which is generated by a special calculation techniques, which are called & # 39; Mining & # 39;

Adoption of currencies such as the US dollar, the Great British pound and the euro as legal tender is because they were issued by the central bank; Digital currency, however, for example, cryptocurrency not depend on the trust and confidence of the population to the issuer. Thus, several factors determine the value.
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are in turmoil tonight after the disappointing launch of the long-awaited cryptocurrency platform Bakkt.

Bitcoin mimes shed 15% of its value this week, with some of its biggest rivals including Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, litecoin and bitcoin money, registering losses of up to 22% as investors blocked low trading volume of Bitcoin Bakkt.
Now, new studies have begun for a “systematic shocking trend” in bitcoin price movements, with bitcoin falling further than future CME Bitcoin average futures contracts that settle each month.
Factors determining the value cryptocurrency

The principles of a free market economy (mainly supply and demand)

Supply and demand – is the main factor that determines the value of the total value, including cryptocurrency. This is because if more people are ready to buy cryptocurrency, while others are willing to sell, the value of this particular cryptocurrency increase, and vice versa.

mass adoption

The mass adoption of any cryptocurrency may withdraw its cost to the moon. This is due to the fact that many cryptocurrency have a limited supply at a certain border, and in accordance with economic principles, the increase in demand without a corresponding increase in supply will lead to higher prices just on this product.

Several cryptocurrency invested more resources in order to ensure their mass adoption, with emphasis on the use of its cryptocurrency to the pressing issues of privacy, as well as important everyday activities with the intention of making them indispensable in everyday life.

Fiat inflation

If commodity currencies like the US dollar and GBP, inflated its value increases, and its purchasing power is reduced. This will cause that cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin used as an example) will increase with respect to that fiat. As a result, you can buy more of this fiat every Bitcoin. In fact, this situation has become one of the main reasons to bitcoin prices.

Scams and cyber-attacks

Scammers and hacks as a & # 39 are the main factors affecting the cost of cryptocurrency, because, as we know, they cause wild swings in the estimates. In some cases, fraudsters can be a team that supports cryptocurrency; they will pump prices cryptocurrency to attract people who do not suspect anything, and if they invested the money, the price is reduced by fraudsters who then disappear without a trace.

Therefore it is very important to be attentive to the scam cryptocurrency before investing money.

Some other factors that you should consider having an impact on the cost cryptocurrency include:

  • The method, which stores cryptocurrency, as well as its usefulness, safety, ease of cross-border acquisitions and acceptability
  • The strength of a society that supports cryptocurrency (which includes financing, innovation and loyalty of members)
  • Low related to cryptocurrency risks as they perceive investors and users
  • mood News
  • Market liquidity and volatility cryptocurrency
  • Regulations of the country (this includes a ban cryptocurrency and ICO in China and its acceptance as a legitimate means of payment in Japan)

There is a correlation between the Dow Jones and cryptocurrency?

After a pretty good run of bulls in Dow Jones Industrial Average was about a couple of weeks. Kryptovalyuta also experiencing a correction. Could there be a connection between the two worlds of investment?
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We must be careful when using vague terms such as “bull markets and bear” in the transition to each investment area. The main reason to & # 39 is that cryptocurrency during his surprising 2017 “bull-running” saw profit slightly more than 10 times.
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If you invested $ 1,000 in bitcoin at the beginning of 2017, you would earn a little more than $ 10 000 by the end of the year. Traditional investments in equities have never felt like this. In 2017, Dow has increased by approximately 23%.
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I’m really careful when viewing data and charts, because I understand that you can make the numbers say what you want them to say. Just as cryptocurrency saw huge gains in 2017, 2018 saw the same rapid correction. The point that I’m trying to do – this is what we should strive to be on the & # 39 objective in our comparisons.
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Many of the new camp cryptocurrency shocked by the recent failure. All they have heard – this is how all of these early adopters got rich and bought lambs.
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For more experienced traders such a market correction was quite obvious due to the rapid rise in prices over the past two months. Many digital currency in recent years have made many people millionaires overnight. It was obvious that sooner or later they will want to take part of the profits off the table.
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Another factor that I think we really need to take into account – it is a recent addition bitcoin f & # 39; yuchersnay trade. I personally believe that it employs the main forces headed by the old guard, who want to see the crypt will not work.
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I also see p & # 39; yuchersnyya bids and excitement around the crypto exchange-traded funds as positive steps towards the creation of a crypto-mainstream and feel “real” investments.
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Having said all this, I began to think: “What if there’s a connection?”

What if the bad news on Wall Street affected Exchange crypts, such as Coinbase and Binance? Whether they may fall in the same day? But what if the opposite is true, and this has led to increased crypt, when people were looking for another place to park their money?
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4x and Forex Signal Services

Forex trading – a great way to make money fast. You need to know everything about the market before you start making money? No, you are not sure.

Forex industry, as attractive as the market is guided in a bad direction. Many Forex services, whether brokers, signal providers or just general Forex sites that are going about their marketing is absolutely ineffective, and thus prevent myself to turn any profit or, at least, get a smaller return than they could get.

A lot of people negatively perceive forex industry and links it to the black market, instead of the suras & # 39; major world markets, which should be compared to Forex. If someone is to blame for this, it is themselves Forex players.

Before we talk about some of the steps that have to do Forex, let's see what companies are doing wrong Forex. If you look at the average broker or Forex service provider, you tend to see one thing in common. All of them promise immediate and large-scale results. This, of course, is false and misleads people, which ultimately causes a bad name as the Forex industry.

Forex is not a & # 39 is a magic solution, and no one at all does not become the next Bill Gates over night by trading Forex. Yes, it is the biggest market, yes, daily Forex trading 3-4 trillion dollars, but you almost certainly will not see any of this money, unprepared before they enter. Look at the market, study schedules, understand the financial news and pay attention to experts and Forex signaling. These are just some basic tips that I would give the new trader.

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How to trade ETF funds, gold, silver, oil and natural gas

Products and promotions on fire the last two weeks, and I think it's just time to get everything stopped breathing. While I continue to stay long, to take money off the table to lock in profits, it is a safe game. Only a quick glance at the charts, we can say that the chances to indicate what type of pause or pullback in the coming days. I think we could see a profit each day.

Trading gold ETF – GLD
Gold ETF – this is one of my favorite trading vehicle. Using simple trend lines and looking at recent price action, we can see that the price of gold is looking ready for kickbacks. Buying at this level aims and it usually means that you are buying at a high level and panic low.

Silver ETF Trading – SLV
Silver ETF looks in the same boat as gold. I believe that I will see what Bokova share price or rollback.

ETF Trading Natural Gas – UNG
ETF on natural gas confident that over the past 6 months, all went willingly. In a bear market, still there is a place that can be seen on the daily chart. So far this week, the price has broken and is trading at $ 11 support level in the coming days, the fund may generate a signal to buy or sell my trading model, so I am waiting for the exact entry and exit points, before jumping on the fuel truck.

Crude Oil ETF Trading – USO
This week the ETF – crude oil broke the trend line resistance, but is still struggling to move above the level of August. On the & # 39; volume decreases and price increases, that & # 39 is a bearish indicator. USO looks ready for some type of pullback as it digests the break before moving higher.

Average weekly GLD, SLV, UNG, USO ETF Trading Report
He hears and thinks the general public on the stock market?
Of his last letters, local financial news, relatives, friends, etc. … all I hear a strong market. Indices make new yearly highs, while profit better than expected in the quarter. It seems that all we need to do is buy, and life will be magnificent!

Well, in my opinion, the market – it is the perfect tool for misleading and disappointing the public. All my indicators tell me that we need to fix before the rally is much higher. Usually the market (reasonable price) expects good and bad news in a few weeks rather than a month in advance. Thus, the question:

Or profit tsanuetstsa already on the market? Or is it all positive coverage market makes the general public to buy here on this potential market?

The answer is only time will tell. Nobody knows exactly what the market will do, but short term moves can be predicted with relatively high accuracy. Do not get me wrong, I'm still bullish on the market, but because of all this good news becomes public information, you need to think about what's next. I still long the market, but to refine their positions to lock in profits and stay in the game.

Preparation for the world cryptocurrency: China edition

Over the past year the market cryptocurrency adopted a series of hard punches from the Chinese government. The market took hits as a warrior, but the combo took its value in many investors cryptocurrency. Market performance in 2018 decreased in comparison with stellar millennial growth in 2017.

What happened?

Since 2013, the Chinese government is taking measures to cryptocurrency regulation, but nothing compared to what was introduced in 2017 (see this article for a detailed analysis of the official report issued by the Chinese government)

2017 was a landmark year for the market cryptocurrency respectfully and growth that he has achieved. Extreme price volatility has forced the central bank to take more extreme measures, including a ban on the initial proposals of coins (ICO) and the abolition on domestic exchanges cryptocurrency. Shortly mining factories in China were forced to close, citing the excessive consumption of electricity. Many exchanges and factories have moved overseas to avoid regulation, but were available for Chinese investors. However, they still can not escape the clutches of the Chinese Dragon.

In the last series of efforts led by the Government to control and prohibit trade cryptocurrency among Chinese investors, China has expanded its "Eagle Eye" for the control of foreign exchanges cryptocurrency. Companies and bank accounts suspected of transactions with foreign exchanges and crypto related activities are subject to the measures: restriction on withdrawal limits to freeze accounts. The Chinese community continues even rumors of the more extreme measures to be carried out on foreign platforms that allow you to trade among Chinese investors.

"As to whether further regulatory measures will be, we will have to wait for orders of higher authorities." Excerpts from an interview with & # 39; nd the team leader of the Chinese agency for the control of public security of the information of the Ministry of Public Security February 28

Why why?

Imagine that your child is putting their savings to invest in digital product (in this case cryptocurrency) that he has no way to verify the authenticity and value. He may be lucky and get rich or lose everything if the crypto-bubble burst. Now the scale of millions of Chinese citizens, and we are talking about billions of RMB.

The market is full of scams and senseless ICO. (I'm sure you've heard the news that people send coins to random addresses, promising to double its investments and ICO, which simply do not make sense). Many investors nesavy contain money for the money and care less about technology and innovation. The value of many cryptocurrency comes from market speculation. During the boom of encryption in 2017 participate in any ICO either known advisor to the board, and with a promising team, or with a decent hype, and you are guaranteed a minimum 3X your investment.

Lack of understanding of the company and the technology behind it, coupled with the spread of ICO – is a recipe for disaster. Members of the Central Bank reported that almost 90% ICO with the & # 39 is a scam or involve illegal fund-raising. In my opinion, the Chinese government wants to ensure that cryptocurrency left & # 39; Managed & # 39; and not too big to fail in the Chinese community. China has taken the right steps towards a safer and more regulated world cryptocurrency, though aggressive and controversial. In fact, this may be the best step that the country has made over the decades.

Shall issue an ultimatum to China and make cryptocurrency illegal? I doubt very much, because it is pointless to do. Currently, financial institutions are not allowed to store any crypto assets, while individuals are allowed, but forbidden to carry out any form of trade.

State Exchange cryptocurrency?

In the annual "two sessions" (named because the two main parties – the National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of the Chinese people (CPCC)) taking part in the forum, which is held in the first week of March, the leaders are going to discuss the latest issues and make the necessary amendments to the law.

Van Penzhy, a member of the NPCC, tried to examine the prospects of the state of digital asset trading platform, as well as initiating educational projects and blokcheyne cryptocurrency in China. However, the proposed platform would require authentication to allow trade.

"In establishing the relevant rules and cooperation of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) and the China Commission of the China Securities Regulatory (CSRC) adjustable and effective platform cryptocurrency exchange would serve as a formal way for companies to raise money (through ICO) and investors hold their digital assets and to achieve capital increase "Excerpts presentation Wang Penzhy two sessions.

The march to the nation Blockchain

Governments and central banks around the world are struggling with the rising popularity of cryptocurrency; but one thing is sure: all covered blockchain.

Despite the crackdown cryptocurrency, blockchain gaining popularity and acceptance at various levels. The Chinese government supports the initiative blockchain and uses technology. In fact, the National Bank of China (PBoC) is working on a digital exchange and to conduct operations with some mocking the country's commercial banks. Still not confirmed that the digital currency will be decentralized and offers features such cryptocurrency as anonymity and permanence. It will not be a surprise if he is just a digital Chinese yuan, given that anonymity – the last thing China wants in his country. However, established as a close substitute the RMB, digital currency will be subject to the existing monetary policy and laws.

The People's Governor Zhou Xiaochuan of China Bank. Source: CNBC

"Many cryptocurrency seen explosive growth, which can bring significant negative impact on consumers and retail investors. We are not like (cryptocurrency) products that use a great opportunity for speculation that give people the illusion of getting rich overnight." Excerpts from an interview with & # 39; Yu Zhou Xiaochuan on Friday, March 9.

On the & # 39; yavivshysya in the media on Friday, March 9, Governor of the People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan cryptocurrency criticized projects that use crypto-boom for making money and speculation in the fuel market. He also noted that the development of digital currency – technologically inevitable & # 39;

At the regional level, in many Chinese cities are blockchain initiatives to promote growth in the region. Hangzhou, famous Alibaba headquarters, said the technology blockchain with & # 39 is one of the main priorities of a city in 2018. Local government in Chengdu has also been proposed to construct an incubation center to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in the financial services of the city.

Local conglomerates such as Tencent and Alibaba, also establish partnerships with companies blockchain or initiate projects of their own. Blockchain firms such as VeChain, also provided many partnerships with Chinese firms to increase the transparency of the supply chain in China.

All the evidence points to the fact that China is working to create a flow circuit. In China, the mentality to new technologies has always been open, such as mobile payment, and artificial intelligence. Hence, no doubt, China will become the first country to support blokcheyna. Will we be able to withdraw the Chinese government and to allow its citizens to trade again? Probably, when the market has matured and become less volatile, but 2018 is definitely not.

The advantages of using automated forex trading

Using a robot or automated system for trading in the Forex market is of great benefit. It disables all human struggle and stress and do what man can not do properly. This is a newly developed computer software & # 39; yuteryzavana and aims to identify trade signals and financial news. The main objective of the program with the & # 39 is to identify profitable trading and currency pairs.

Anyone who uses the trading system can personally define their own criteria. The robot is able to properly check all the predefined parameters and ensure that the conditions before entering into the transaction. Once the conditions are met, the robot will be right to buy or sell.

Here are the three main benefits of using an automated or automatic system:

1. Trade without problems

Contrary to fight human, stress and feelings, the system works fine. After the determination of the parameters do not have anything to worry about. It takes its own decision to trade without human intervention.

2. Replacement for part-time traders

Members half-day of the automated system must be present in order to analyze the market before you start trading. Once it is activated, the robot trades if it is turned on and detects a good trading opportunity.

3. 24/7 bids

This automated system is so beautiful that it allows you to trade forex at any time of the day without supervision human intervention and others.
There are many automated systems, and users can decide selection to choose from, depending on whether they are simple, fast and effective. Characteristics of some of these automated systems:

1. Remote access
2. Virtual private employee, service hosting
3. This instant monitoring
4. Reporting.

We have seen, as stated in the introduction, the benefits or advantages of using automated forex trading systems. And it's a great opportunity for every trader to invest without fear and collect huge profits.

You think about investing? Think about Bitcoin-Way

What is bitcoin?

If you are over, you have heard of bitcoin. It was one of the biggest part of the news over the last year or so – how fast razbagatselnaya scheme, the end of finance, the birth of a truly international currency, as the end of the world, or as the technology developed. world. But what is bitcoin?

In short, we can say that bitcoin – this is the first decentralized money system, which is used for Internet transactions, but, probably, it will be useful to dig a little deeper.

We all know, in general, that & # 39; money & # 39; there is and what it is used. The most important question, which is testified by using money before Bitcoin due to the fact that it is centralized and controlled by a single entity – the central banking system. Bitcoin was invented in 2008/2009 anonymous creators, who goes under the name & # 39; Satoshi Nakamoto & # 39; decentralization to bring the money in the world. The idea is that the currency can be traded on the international lines without too much difficulty and payments, checks and balances will be distributed around the globe (and not only on the books of private corporations and governments), and money becomes more democratic and are equally available to all.

Getting started bitcoin?

The concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency general was opened in 2009 by an unknown researchers Satoshi. The reason for his invention was the decision to centralize the use of money problems, which relied on the banks and anyone & # 39; your computer, and the problem that many computers are not satisfied have been satisfied. Achieve decentralization has been done since the late 90s without success, so if Satoshi in 2008 published a paper which proposed a solution that was greatly welcomed. Today, bitcoin currency became familiar to Internet users and has created thousands of & # 39; altkoinav & # 39; (Cryptocurrency that are not of the & # 39 are Bitcoin).

How is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is made through a process called mining. Just like paper money are made by printing, and the gold is extracted from the earth, bitcoin is created by Mining & # 39; Mining involves solving complex mathematical problems with respect to the blocks with the use of computers and add them to the general ledger. When it all began, for my procedure it was necessary simple CPU (for example, a home computer & # 39; yutery), however, the difficulty level has increased significantly, and now you need special equipment, including high-end graphics processing unit (GPU). mine Bitcoin.

How can I invest?

Firstly, you need to open an account on the trading platform and create a wallet; you can find some examples pashukayuchy in Google & # 39; Bitcoin & # trading platform 39; – they usually have names associated with the & # 39; coin & # ;, or 39 & # 39; market & # 39; After joining one of these platforms, you click on the assets, and then click on the crypt, to select the desired currency. there are many indicators on each platform, which is very important, and you must be sure to observe them carefully before investing.

Just buy and hold

Although mining – the most reliable and, in a sense, the easiest way to earn bitcoin, this involved too much, and the cost of electricity and specialized computer & # 39; computer hardware makes it inaccessible to most of us. To avoid all this, make it easy for yourself, directly enter the desired amount in your bank account and click "buy & # 39;" and then sit back and watch as your investment is increasing in response to price changes. place on many exchanges platforms available today, with the ability to trade between different currencies Fiat (USD, AUD, GBP, etc.) and various crypto-coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).

trade bitcoin

If you are familiar with stocks, bonds or exchanges Forex, you will realize that the crypto-commerce easy. There are brokers with Bitcoin, such as e-commerce social, FXTM marke.com, and many others that you can choose from. Platforms provide you with currency pairs or Bitcoin-fiat fiat-Bitcoin, such as BTC-USD is trading Bitcoins for US dollars. Watch for changes in prices, to find the perfect pair, depending on the changes in prices; platforms provide prices among other factors to give you the appropriate trading tips.

Bitcoin as stocks

There are also organizations that allow you to buy shares in companies that are investing in the Bitcoin – these companies are engaged in back and forth, and you simply invest in them and expect monthly payments. These companies are just about the & # 39; combine digital money from different investors and investing on their behalf.

Why invest in bitcoin?

As you can see, investing in Bitcoin require some basic knowledge of the currency, as explained above. As with all investments, it suggests the risk! Question, to invest or not is entirely up to the individual. However, if I give advice, I would advise to invest in bitcoin for the reason that bitcoin continues to grow – albeit a significant one took place during the boom and the drop, it is likely that cryptocurrency as a whole will continue to increase in value over the next 10 years. Bitcoin – the biggest and most famous of all modern cryptocurrency, so it's a good place to start, and the safest bet. Despite the change in the short term, I suspect you will find that trade bitcoin is more profitable than most other businesses.

How to Get Cheap Travel Packages |

The direct route is not always the cheapest
In many cases there seems to be no rhyme or reason for how to work. There are seasonal changes, changes in weather, variations depending on demand and then what looks like changes for no reason. When looking for discounts, etc., look at alternative routes to get to where you need to go. In many cases, a combination of 2 flights can be cheaper than a single flight.

This usually works by taking advantage of low-cost airline tickets in the US. For example, a return flight coming from New York to the Montreal Hotel like Best Western Europa in downtown Ville, Canada, which is an hourly trip, usually costs about $ 300. For about the same price, you can find a return flight from NY to Los Angeles . The point is that, for traffic, police and tax reasons, domestic flights are significantly cheaper than international flights, from miles to miles.

So depending on where you want to go, getting on a plane ticket is a lot cheaper if you are ready to make a home flight first before going overseas. If you live in the north of the United States, for example, and want to go to Latin or South America, it will often be much cheaper to first go on an internal flight to the south center, including Miami or Dallas, tx and then to fly further south from there, as opposed to a long trip directly from a northern city. When exploring multiple flights, also keep in mind how close you are to the airline's main hub – it will be very extra to fly around the globe directly from a more compact city, then to fly to a significant hub in the first place.

In many cases, if you are prepared to put up with the slight inconvenience of two arrivals, the discount trip may be yours. Just remember that since there are many discount flight websites out there, they are not looking for arrivals that way, so you will have to do your own creative thinking.

Eat locally
An often-overlooked key to lower-priced trips is the cost of food, which can be significantly reduced by shopping at local grocery stores rather than at dinner. Most places you stay will benefit from tourists if you can and often do not understand until you have converted some currency that you are paying $ 10 for a bad dinner at your hotel. Instead, buy some healthy snakes and fresh food from the market to eat during your outings. This does not mean, of course, that you are ready to cook – it just means that you need to grab something fresh that you can eat on the go and not give up lunch at the tourist restaurant.

Crypto TREND-01-2017

Everyone has heard how bitcoin and other crypto currencies made millionaires out of those who have recently bought a year ago. The profit of 1000% or more is not only possible, they are a common place for many of these crypto currencies. Someone who bought a bitcoin in May 2016 is less than $ 500 would have a profit of 1400% in about 17 months. Then in the last few days we have seen that bitcoins lost nearly $ 1,000, so if you say these crypto currency with the & # 39 is variable, it would be a small understatement.

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008 we Trend News skeptical about the crypto-currency & # 39; the ability to survive, given that they represent a very clear threat to governments that want to see and tax all transactions. But while we can still be cautious with regard to the actual currency, we know about the potential of the core technology, which controls these electronic currency. In fact, we believe that this technology will be a significant violator in data management and will affect every sector of the global economy, as well as how the Internet has influenced the media.

Here are some questions and answers to get started …

Question: What is the crypto currency?

The most well-known crypto currency (CC) – BITCOIN. It was the first CC, launched in 2008. To date, there are more than 800 CC, of ​​which Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, and they are all "virtual". There is no "natural" coins and currency.

Q: How do the CC?

CC – it is a virtual currency that exist in very large distributed databases. These databases are used BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology. Since each Blockchain database is widely believed that it is protected against tampering, since there is no central attack and every transaction is visible to everybody on the network. Each CC has the administrators group, often referred to as "miners" who check transaction. One CC named Ethereum uses "smart contracts" to verify the transaction. Crypto TREND provide more details in future news publications.


Blockchain – a technology that is the basis of all CC & s. Every operation on the purchase, sale or exchange of CC-card is in the unit, which is added to the chain. This technology is complex and is not to be interpreted here, but it has the potential for a revolution in the financial services industry, as the operation can be performed quickly and easily, reducing or eliminating fees. The technology is also being studied for use in many other fields.

Question: are regulated by the state exchange CC?

For the most part the answer – NO, that for some users – a big attraction of this market. "Wild West" now, but the governments of most developed countries are studying the market to decide which adjustments may be necessary. A big decision – whether to apply to CC – currency as a currency or a commodity / security. Canada and the United States still claimed that the COP The law, however, the situation remains softening both in terms of reporting, and tax implications. Crypto TREND will monitor and report on these events.

Q: How can I invest into this market?

You can buy, sell and exchange CC & # 39; first with the help of specialized services "Exchange", which act as a broker. Start by selecting the Exchange, to establish an account and transfer fiat-currency in your account. Then you can post Buy and sell orders CC. There are many stock exchanges around the world. Opening an account is quite simple, and all these exchanges have their own rules concerning the initial financing and withdrawals.

crypto TREND in the future we will recommend to the Central Committee of exchanges.

Q: Where can I store the CC?

To be able to move their crypto-currency, and pay bills, you need to have a digital wallet. These wallets come in several formats, such as the desktop, cloud-based, hardware (USB), mobile phone, and paper. Many of them are free, but the security – is an important factor, because no one ever wants to lose money or steal it. Crypto TREND would recommend digital wallets in the future.

Q: What can I do with my CC?

In addition to investments in CC products, you can also use the crypto currency for certain financial transactions, such as money transfers and pay bills. List of companies taking crypto currency, is growing rapidly and includes big hackers, such as Microsoft, GAP, JC Penny, Expedia, Shopify, Bloomberg.com, Dish Network, Zynga, Subway and WordPress.

Q: What's next?

Since, we will keep each of the articles on the Crypto TREND short and narrow will be possible. As we mentioned earlier, we believe that the exchange of encryption technology will change games, and such potential investment opportunities come once or twice in their lifetime. Make no mistake, early investments in this sector will be only for your most speculative capital, the money you can afford to lose.

Even if you do not want to invest money at this time, getting an early understanding of this new disruptive technology to put you in an advantageous position to profit from our recommendation, if we move forward.

Expect to see a new news and specific recommendations from Crypto TREND, when we begin a path that may at first seem like a foreign jungle. This is an unstable market and may not like all investors, but Crypto TREND will be your guide if and when you're ready.

Stay tuned!

Trading Strategies Forex – Develop a strategy for triple profits

In this article we will look at the development of Forex trading strategies that can help you make big profits trading the world's currency markets. On successful trading can learn the basics of each, so let's look at Forex trading strategies, that can bring you money and lead to success.

The first thing that you need to remember – that you are a trader?

Do you like Exchange Act or are you more patient and want to trade long term. If you like action, you should reduce the trade and trade steps, which last from a few days to a week, and if you are more patient, focus on long-term trades that can last for weeks or months. You can earn money by any method, and the one you choose will only reflect your personality. You'll notice I did not mention the day, how to trade as a way to earn money, because – it does not make money! You trade every day, just trading the market noise, and if you do this, you are destined to lose.

Now let's look at the principles that make a successful strategy.

The first thing that you need to consider – is the preservation of its strategy based on current trading prices. You do not need to read the news or listen to the opinions of other traders, you can simply trade trends in the chart. A simple strategy is to make money, and there is no need to make your strategy a complex or complicated. All the best traders use simple trading strategy, and if it is good enough, good enough for them.

Your strategy should be to & # 39; objective entry and exit points, and they must be supported by the cost! Do not do what you do most of the unprofitable traders – to try to guess where the market can go, just to confirm that this is the confirmation.

There are many different ways to make a profit on Forex, but a way to lose it – let losses run. loss of permission to go out of control – the most common reason why traders lose. Since taking office, you have to be stopped, and the risk reward, you have to look, should not be less than 3: 1

The strategy should be consistent rules for the trading of all currencies in the same way, and the same should be traded on all types of markets.

Development of a simple strategy that can make money – this is something that everyone can do in a few weeks of training. You must earn their strategy, though it is to trade her discipline, keeping losses small, and not be tempted to deviate from the strategy or to overcome the trading signals. It must be borne in mind that most traders can not adhere to a specific set of policies, but if you stray from them, all the same you do not have a strategy.

Thus, you have a few simple tips on how to develop your own trading strategy on forex for success. If you follow the above tips, you'll soon get a nice profit for an hour a day and get a great second income.

Is the work of the automated forex trading system?

With the growing popularity of trading in the Forex market, more and more traders have started to show interest in this area. Trade in foreign exchanges has reached greater heights with a & # 39; advent of automated trading systems forex.

Or justified by these automated robots? Is the work of the automated forex trading system? The answer to all these questions – yes, on the condition that you have a basic understanding of the Forex trading system.

Here is a summary of how these automated systems help people to earn real money from their trade.

Not surprisingly, Forex trading was favorable soil for many traders. But the shocking news is that only 5% of traders get considerable profit from trade. Wrong analysis of market trends and bad strategy – the main reasons that people lose money in this area.

To help people in this regard, on the market available automated Forex trading system. Also he knows as Forex Robots, these systems use the power of the Internet and the knowledge of experts to help you in Forex trading.

In these systems it is sufficient intelligence to guide you to the right path. These systems work 24 * 7 and is also able to analyze the currency of different countries and in different time zones.

These robots are designed in such a way that management does not require much effort on your part. Thus, the sooner you buy a Forex robot and start to fill his pocket a profit from your trading.