Disney Cruise Deals – An introduction to Disney cruise ships, Castaway Cay, ports and more

Although many cruise lines offer family-friendly activities and experiences, none can match Disney. This is one of the most popular cruise lines not only for families, but for anyone and everyone who wants to have fun. Disney cruise deals have a variety of itineraries that include a combination of land and sea adventures. Your family can stay aboard all the time or go out and explore after arriving at call ports.

Castaway Cay is definitely worth exploring. Disney's private island is only reserved for cruise passengers on Caribbean and Bahamas cruises. This three mile long, 1000 acre island can be explored by trams. There is a Family Beach for families. There is a Serenity Bay for adults. Tramming is not a requirement; if there is enough time, you may want to take the footpath.

Like all cruise deals, Disney prices are generally lower during the months of September and October. That doesn't mean you can't find some last minute vacation deals. During the weeks leading up to departure, cruise fares fluctuate significantly depending on the availability of the cabin. If you miss a deal, there are three more ships in the fleet that are likely to sail in the near future and each can hold thousands of passengers.

The fleet includes:

• Disney magic

• Disney's Dream

• Disney fantasy

• Disney Wonders

Disney cruises home ports and discounts

Disney Dream and Fantasy have Port Canaveral as their home port, while Magic and Wonder have home ports around the world, including Port Canaveral. Magic has domestic ports along the East Coast and Europe, in cities such as New York, Miami, Rome and Copenhagen. Wonder has home ports in Vancouver, Gavleston, San Diego, San Juan, etc.

Disney is currently working to expand its fleet by introducing new ships over the next five to seven years.

How long are cruises? When you compare Disney cruise deals, you will find everything from 3-day Bahamas cruises to 7-day Eastern or Western Caribbean cruises. You can also explore Mexico by leaving a port on the West Coast.

No matter where you go, there is always something to do on and off the ship. While on board, you can experience onboard activities, live and entertainment shows, deck parties, dining, swimming pools, fitness centers, lounges and family fun. In addition, there are many maritime adventures included in Disney cruise deals. Even if you stick to the basic package and not go all-inclusive, your every need will be taken care of.

Browse online discount packages to find the perfect bargain on a cruise. You can get good savings on your next vacation. Just browse through Disney cruise deals and compare bargains; the online travel discounts available are very easy to use.

Multilateral Las Vegas casino hotels

Las Vegas hotels enjoy cult status around the world. They are known for their attractiveness, warm staff and great hospitality. However, this does not mean that all Vegas hotels have the same thing to boast about. In fact, it is in the diversity of these hotels that lies the attraction of Vegas. Each hotel can offer a new experience. Each hotel has a unique USP and each hotel is charming in its own way.

Below is a list of some of the hotels in Las Vegas with an account of their versatility-

  • MGM – This great hotel offers the largest casino in Vegas, a certain state that is held by large crowds.
  • The Venetian- The casino here is one of the most elegant in the world. The hotel also states that it offers the largest apartments and rooms in Vegas. The fact that the hotel offers its guests not only a great fitness and shopping center, but also the opportunity to take a cabin lift, although the Thou Canal is extremely attractive to tourists.
  • Wynn Hotel – The casino on the side of the pool is to die here. The golf course, Ferrari store, designer showrooms and all that jewelry make this hotel one of Las Vegas' most expensive projects. You should definitely see someone visiting Vegas
  • Bellagio – The poker room with the big stove here is not something one should miss. With new games like Paj Gow Fire Hook, Pai Gow Tiles, 3-Card Poker and Big Six added to the Treasure Island here, this one is a winner. The wonderful spa, along with the bookstore, makes this hotel well worth a visit.
  • Mandalay Resorts – The four seasons here should not be missed at all. The Coral Reef lounge at this hotel is beautiful beyond belief and the casino here is very modern and attractive.
  • Planet Hollywood – In addition to the humorous theater and the upper rooftop pools that this hotel offers, the casino here is a cut above the rest.
  • Paris Hotel – Sky-painted ceilings are definitely very attractive here, but the Le Club music couch in the casino adds a lovely touch of gambling here.
  • Excalibur – This hotel is great for those on a low budget. The room rates here are very economical and the best part is the independent children's floor which the hotel provides.
  • El – & ksur- This unique pyramid-shaped hotel is not to be missed at all. The casino here is very intriguing and the Egyptian motives add great appeal to the hotel.
  • Creativeser & # 39; s Castle is a nearly iconic Las Vegas hotel, and the ancient Roman outfits and auras offered here are very interesting.
  • Mirage – The green forest design of this hotel is great and the pool area with its plants and aquarium is a must see.
  • New York New York – This hotel reflects Gotham City and right from the silhouette of Manhattan, the Empire State Edithis, the Statue of Autonomy, the Chrysler Building, the Library and the Brooklyn Bridge, you can find everything here.
  • Flamingo – The hotel offers the best bird sanctuary in the region and is a must-see.

There are several other hotels in Vegas and each has its own attraction to offer guests. So no matter how many times you visit Vegas, there is always something new to offer.

Things to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York's most populous neighborhood is the favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. The area hesitates to be eclipsed by neighboring Manhattan and exudes a vibrant culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn presents the perfect blend of world cultures and world-famous attractions. Walking along the famous Brooklyn Bridge, an excursion to Green Park Prospect, the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Green Wood Cemetery, etc. Brooklyn is waiting for you with many more attractions.

To ensure a comfortable trip to Brooklyn, you must select and book a hotel in Brooklyn that fits your bill and taste. This can be a daunting task as the area is loaded with a number of luxury, boutique and budget hotels to suit your travel needs, be it a trio for pleasure or a business trip. Even if you are vacationing in Manhattan, you can easily choose to be in Brooklyn, since hotels in Brooklyn will be cheaper than their equivalent in Manhattan. Two major considerations to consider before booking a hotel in Brooklyn are: proximity to important sights and prices.

Hotel in an easy to explore location

This factor is especially important if you are on a pleasure or family trip with the primary intention of exploring the beauty and sights of Brooklyn. If your chosen hotel in Brooklyn is close to the places you want to explore, it will save you time to travel. There are hotels close to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park, located in downtown Brooklyn. There are nice boutique and luxury hotels that are close to the Brooklyn-Queens Highway.

If you plan to explore Manhattan, hotels located near the Long Island City section of Queens may be an excellent choice. Although these hotels do not have a pulsating location, you will be several blocks from many subway stations to make your trip to Manhattan easier. There are numerous hotels within walking distance of several dining establishments, lounges, shops, government and corporate offices. Corporate travel can be convenient by choosing a hotel that is close to corporate offices.

A hotel that fits your bill

Brooklyn boasts a number of expensive and luxurious hotels that offer luxury and less expensive boutique hotels for budget travelers. Luxury luxury hotels in Brooklyn will be cheaper than comparable Manhattan hotel rooms. The area offers a variety of accommodations ranging from well-known hotel chains, boutique hotels, and overnights and snacks. Most high-end hotels are conveniently located, adding as well.

With a variety of room choices, luxury hotels offer the perfect blend of comfortable stay with excellent amenities. The rooms will be designed with elegant touches and elegance to evoke a sense of pride in the customers. On-site facilities such as restaurants, spas, massage parlors, fitness center and more will be included. Most upper-end hotels have a 24-hour business center so business travelers can manage some of their work outside the office.

If you're a budget customer, you can save a lot on accommodation by dropping a star or two while choosing a hotel in Brooklyn. If you think you can avoid flat-screen TVs or whirlpools, choose cheaper boutique hotels that combine smart, clean and fresh design with expert service. The Brooklyn Hotel you choose, whether it's an ultra-luxury hotel or an average boutique hotel, Brooklyn will never fail to make your trip a pleasant experience.

Techno-Stay – Three of the friendliest accommodations in United States

The days of simply having WiFi access in the lobby were the latest in cutting-edge technology. Long gone. Nowadays, many hotels in the United States are engaging in bolder attempts to outpace one another: from free Wii consoles to displays in the lobby of robots and even rooms that double as full video editing packages.

So tech-driven so many of the hotels below are that if you don't have a bunch of information technology under your belt, you might even struggle to get into the room. If you like your stay with a techno twist, then you will like this group of the best comfortable geek hotels in United States

@ MIT Hotel, Boston

The hotel at Boston @ MIT is not so much a place to stay, but a technology admiration. Once you cross the threshold and are greeted with robotic displays from the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, you know you are in the mothers' sky. The theme continues in the form of linen equations and chemistry cartoons (no, really) decorating the walls of the bathrooms.

And the gadget offered obviously goes on in the rooms similarly: there is a pretty sophisticated digital safe to store all that expensive hardware you have with you; Of course, there is WiFi everywhere, but it's the T1 lightning line and the fact that all the rooms are attached to a network laser printer that really sets it apart.

The Grand Tribeca Grand, New York

On its surface, Tribeca Grand broadcasts cool-blooded NYC. But this does not mislead anyone: it is the full scale of techno-babbling in the heart. Why? There's iStudio – a suite of image, video and audio editing software and every other wonderful innovation that good Apple folks could come up with – for heaven's sake! Staff, fresh from the mandatory levels of online communication from all accounts, can even be an instant message. So style it with a hip joint.

The Gaansevoort, New York

Gaansevoort, a New York fashion fitter, is on the list of the best geek-friendly hotels in the United States as it is the first hotel to begin offering its guests free use of Nintendo Wii consoles in their rooms. Other people's workload may have jumped the bar since then, but Gansevoort came first! And technological innovation doesn't stop with gaming consoles either: the penthouse also comes with its own cabinet for charging the MacBook and iPod. Nice.

Make your vacation the most delightful by visiting Johannesburg

Johannesburg is located right on the southern slopes of the Witwatersran, northeast region of South Africa. The city is located thirty miles south-southwest of the capital of Pretoria. World War II could be considered a blessing in disguising South Africa, which led Johannesburg to become the country's premier gold mining hub. Mining City was founded in 1886 when gold was discovered in white settlers. farm in town.

Johannesburg is the most vibrant and largest city in South Africa. It can invite tourists to choose and tour their mountain trails, botanical gardens, throbbing wildlife, escapes into nature, historic sites and other places to relax. You can travel to all these places by choosing from the various Johannesburg travel packages provided by the city's travel companies. In Johannesburg, you can additionally enjoy magnificent views of places such as the outdoor museum, bird sanctuary, rural buildings, music activity, concert hall, folk customs, as well as observe ethnic people practicing their culture.

Honeydew is one of the most beautiful places in the city, located in a natural hilly area. It is located between Randburg and Krugsdrod and is home to the Heia Safari Ranch, where visitors can spend great nights in luxuriously fitted casseroles or in Zulu-style chalets. There will be a typical brai every Sunday, where huge amounts of meat will be cooked over an open fire, along with entertainment such as performances by Zulu tribal dancers, also known as the Mzumbe Dance Show. These Zulus live in the restructured Zulu village, which was discovered by King Zweletini in 1988. If you do not intend to spend the night here, you can go on a vigilant tour that may allow you to spot antelopes, rhinos, giraffes and more. zebras and buffaloes.

Choose Johannesburg for your perfect vacation and look at its flexibility and vitality. Gather all flight information displayed on travel-related websites. This way, you will get all the details of the airlines flying to Johannesburg. Make sure you get to the city economically by booking a flight with cheap flights or low cost flights flying to Johannesburg on a regular schedule. Holidays in this beautiful and vibrant city will allow you to spend quality time with your family. Have a joyous vacation by visiting all the important tourist spots in Johannesburg. The experience with animals so far is to die in the city, because wildlife here is something very native throughout the African continent. Book your hotel stay in advance and have a great vacation in one of Africa's youngest cities.

Hotels in the USA: Guaranteed relaxation

The United States of America is more commonly referred to as the Opportunity Land. And as far as travel is concerned, this country offers many fabulous destinations where you can spend quality time. With 50 states, the United States is blessed with a stunning combination of big cities, smaller cities, forests, deserts and farmland. Mountains and prairies are also plentiful. The climate, ranging from the subtropical to the Arctic, further adds beauty to the region, although most of the country has four different seasons. Since you have to stay in the country for a long time to visit all the attractions, good accommodation is a must for you. US hotels meet your requirements to the maximum. New York, a unique melting pot of cultures and a world-famous silhouette, is one of the cities of gems in the United States.

Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, the destination list is too long to remember. Washington DC is the capital and home of the President. Boston is also known as Bean Town. Many museums in the country contain things you have never seen before. Visiting these museums is a lifetime experience. Atlanta and Miami are also equally popular destinations for tourists. Latin culture, non-stop nightlife and stunning beaches are the best features of these cities. California is another destination where you can get proper relaxation of mind, body and soul. Los Angeles, known as the "micro universe," includes everything from rags to riches. When in Los Angeles, be sure to never visit Huntington Beach in Orange County to enjoy the ultimate surfing experience. Or you can head to the California city of Riviera Laguna Beach to explore the famous art scenes. The term Hollywood lends an excellent acclaim to the city of Los Angeles. Hotels in the United States meet your requirements to the fullest.

A brief introduction to the Los Angeles International Airport

Often called LAX, which is its code at IARA Airport, Los Angeles International Airport is the main airport serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas in California, United States. It is an extremely busy airport and was found to be the sixth busiest airport in the world in 2010, with 59 million passengers passing through its doors.

Location and history

It is located in the southwestern area of ​​town called Westchester, which is located about 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It covers about 3,500 acres of land, which was founded in 1928 when the city of Los Angeles acquired land that was then fields of bean lime, barley and wheat and turned them into landing strips and the airport's first structure was built in 1929.

Originally known as the Mining Field, after the broker who arranged the purchase of the flights, the name of the airport was changed in 1941 to Los Angeles International Airport. Since then, the airport has become the main airport in Los Angeles, which takes over Burbank and Grand Glendale Central Airport, and in 1961 a "thematic building" was built to provide a wide view of the airport.

From the first jet service departing from LAX in 1959 to New York, the airport began to be a major jet travel hub, highlighted by the use of the 1970 TWA Boeing 747s on the route to New York. The terminals are also used as satellite buildings, which are reached through the underground tunnels of the ticket area, and in 1981 a $ 700 million expansion of LAX was undertaken to prepare for the 1984 Olympics, which included the construction of two new ones. the airport terminal, including the sophisticated Tom Bradley terminal.

A brief explanation of LAX terminals

Today, LAX has nine passenger terminals that are horseshoe-shaped and shuttle-operated.

Terminal One serves mainly regional flights and is the busiest terminal, offering approximately 135 departures every day.

Terminal Two serves foreign airlines that do not use the Tom Bradley terminal. It was the original international terminal built in 1962.

Currently, Terminal 3 is used by airlines, Virginia America, V Australia, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines and AirTran Airways.

Terminal 4 is used exclusively by American Airlines, with the exception of Qantas departures to Brisbane and Auckland. Terminal five is used by Delta Airlines, Terminal 6 is used by Continental and some Delta flights, and now Alaska Airlines from April 2011.

Terminals 7 and 8 are home to United Airlines.

The Tom Bradley International Terminal, which is the newest terminal to be built, hosts international airlines that do not use Terminal 2 such as British Airways, Swiss airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish airlines.

in summary

Los Angeles International Airport caters to more non-scheduled passengers than anywhere else in the world, and is also the busiest airport in California and the third busiest passenger traffic airport in the United States alone.

New York Hotels with Pools and Family Attractions in New York

New York is a superb travel destination for families with children. There are many attractions and activities for children. However, like most families traveling with children, a pool hotel is a top priority. As any parent knows, having a nice swimming pool is not only great fun for the kids, but it is also an important benefit for the parents … by stealing a few moments of peace. Of course, when it comes to New York, finding hotels in New York with swimming pools is a little more challenging because there are surprisingly few swimming pool hotels. This may seem strange given the huge number of hotels in the Big Apple, but New York real estate is so expensive that it is small and in some cases literally small tours. However, there are some good options to choose from. Below are some good family-run hotels in New York with swimming pools worth exploring.

New York Hotels with Pools:

  • Sheraton Manhattan Hotel – The Best Family Hotel in New York– 790 7th Ave & 51st St, New York, NY. This New York hotel is the best choice for families so far based on its total value, location and pool. The Sheraton Manhattan Hotel offers a 4-lane, 50-foot pool, which is the largest true swimming pool owned by a New York hotel, even if it is below normal standards. For parents who want to relax, there is a good pool lounge to steal a few moments of relaxation. The Manhattan Sheraton also claims the benefit is relatively close to Broadway and Times Square.
  • Crown Plaza Time Square Hotel – 1605 Broadway & 49th Street, New York, NY – Located in the heart of Times Square, Times Square's Crown Plaza Hotel offers a 4-lane, 55-foot pool in association with the New York Sports Club. The seating and lounge area is limited but usable. Usually 2 sails are reserved for a swimming tour and the rest are for leisure swimming, which reduces the usable size of the pool. But this New York hotel is a good alternative for families who are staying in New York City and want to be right in the Broadway / Times Square area. In addition, Crown Plaza is a good choice for those with tighter budgets.
  • Le Parker Meridien Hotel– 119 W. 56th Street, New York, NY – This downtown Manhattan hotel offers a 45-foot 3-lane pool with a very attractive and relaxing seating area. The views from the pool are towards Central Park. This New York hotel pool is small and can be crowded at times, but it will work. This is a good choice for families looking for a high-class family hotel in New York.
  • Mandarin Oriental New York– 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street, New York, NY. – Mandarin Oriental is a luxury New York hotel, and its facilities with a pool are also luxurious. Mandarin Oriental probably offers the best New York City hotel pools in terms of luxury. The wide floor-to-ceiling windows provide great views of New York. The Mandarin pool lounge area is impeccable and elegant with plush lounge chairs. Although it is the best in town, it may not be the best for a family with many "active" children.
  • The Peninsula Hotel New York– 700 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street, New York, New York. New York Peninsula is another luxury New York hotel with swimming pool facilities that rival Mandarin Oriental & # 39; s. Located on the 23rd floor of the hotel, there is a glass enclosed area with a pool with a chic décor that is soothing and quite relaxing. At night, great views of the city provide a fabulous atmosphere. The pool serves the children well, but parents will certainly appreciate the subtle lounge area.
  • Millennium UN Plaza Hotel– One Plaza Plaza, New York, NY – Located in the UN Plaza, this New York hotel features a 3 lane, 44 foot pool. Millennium Plaza Hotel is a luxury New York hotel located near the United Nations building on the east side of Manhattan in Midtown. The hotel's pool is located on the 27th floor and offers spectacular views of New York. The pool lounge area is a little denser and not one of the most relaxing pool lounge areas.

For those looking for more information on New York hotels with swimming pools, including photos, locations, rates and real-time availability, a link to a web page specific to New York hotels with swimming pools is listed in the resources after this article,

Family attractions in New York:

In addition to finding a family-run hotel in New York with a pool, there are some great kids activities in New York. Instead of suffering from endless pages of lists of guidebooks of dubious value and accuracy, we suggest these certainly please New York's recommended friendly attractions.

  • Girl Shop in America -For little girls who love dolls, the American Girl shop is pure fantasy country. Like a high-end boutique with the latest American Girl fashion, this is a shopping paradise. The American Girl Shop offers American Girl Doll Beauty Salon with real hairdressers, salon chairs and beauty work stations. Above, there is a doll hospital where you can pick up your doll for any repairs or other "procedures" that may be needed. Finally, the American Doll Shop offers its own tea and dining room, which is very popular for young girls celebrating their birthday in style with friends and family. The American Girl Store also had live theater productions themed around American girl stories. Unfortunately, this has closed due to some corporate wines with green eye shadows. But overall, we think it's one of the best kids' stores based on the New York experience (sorry guys, though the NBA store is probably second to none.
  • The Bronx Zoo – Bronx and Boston Road Park, Bronx, NY 10460 – {Looking for one of the best zoos in the world? Look no further than the Bronze Zoo. This New York Zoo has an exceptional collection of exotic animals from around the world, including elephants, gorillas, giraffes, bears, rhinoceroses and leopards. Getting to the Bronx Zoo from downtown Manhattan) is easy. Trains from Grand Central Station on Metro North stop at the zoo. There are also express buses that make stops along Medicis Avenue that go directly to the Bronx Zoo. Look for Madison BXM11 buses.
  • Central Park carousel – Central Park, New York, N.Y. – Carousel at Central Park is a beautiful old fashion carousel. Continuing the tradition, which continues since 1871, located in Central Park is a beautiful antique carousel with 57 horses. Ornate carved wooden horses await rides from youngsters within an old-fashioned carousel building, which heartily congratulates you on your approach. It offers simple enjoyment of long gone times and is a pleasant break from the bustle of the day. While you're there, take advantage of the trails, garden and sculptured lakes inside the park. It is a wonderfully relaxing and expansive setting and leaves one wondering how one can have such a peaceful pace in one of the largest cities in the world.
  • Dylan's Candy Store – 1011 Third Avenue, New York, NY – What Willie Wonka did for the imagination; Dylan's candy store actually does. This is a real candy side that will have your eyes wide open and your aunt's lips in awe. The New York candy store is a must-visit, and we parents apologize for following the candy post.
  • Ellen's star dust supper – 1650 Broadway, New York, New York – Located in Broadway's Theater District, Stardust Diner is a fun experience for both children and adults. Dinner is the theme of retro 50 at the theater, but the real treat is the staff waiting to sing. Composed of ambitious Broadway actors, the staff will be relegated to a fully-developed Broadway-style song performance. The wait staff is incredibly fun and very friendly and willing to kibble. Kids will eat it.
  • Empire State Building – 350 Fifth Avenue, 33rd and 34th Streets, New York, NY – Visit the Empire State building and go to the Observatory level for panoramic views of New York. Gorilla, but King Kong, will greet you at the entrance to the observatory. Although the views and clear altitude are certainly an exciting experience, it's also worth trying to take a picture of the entire building from street level … continue to back up. For a really fun time, bring a DVD of the original King Kong movie for a family movie night the night before your visit, and then bring the kids the next day. It adds to the fun and mystique.
  • FAO Schwartz – 767 Fifth Avenue at 58th Street, New York, New York. – FAO Schwartz is the mother of all New York City toy stores. Located opposite Central Park, FAO Schwartz is a dream come true. Offering the latest and greatest in toys, this store has something for everyone. But perhaps the part we like best is the extensive collection of stuffed animals. Noah's virtual casket of stuffed animals of all kinds spreads across the main floor, including incredibly huge stuffed animals (though one wonders how you could transport them home). If you get involved with FAO Schwartz, keep in mind that you have zero chance of escaping without buying anything and the prices are not at a discount.
  • Grand Slam – Times Square, Broadway between 46th and 47th Streets, New York, New York. – The Grand Slam is a horn of New York souvenirs ranging from the popular FDNY T-shirts and hats to all the things you could possibly imagine wearing a New York Yankees logo. This store is geared toward tourists, but it's still a lot of fun for sports-minded kids.
  • NBA Shop – 666 Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street, New York, New York. – For the kid who loves basketball, this is your 3-story heavenly hops. The NBA's authentic merchandise is served, including great NBA jerseys and basketball shorts. NBA players often make appearances at the NBA store and sign autographs.
  • Manhattan Children's Theater – 52 White Street (380 Broadway), New York, New York. – The Manhattan Children's Home is a children's theater that puts on productions for children based on popular fairy tales and children's stories like Rapunzel, the Red Riding Hood and the Grimm Brothers. These are high quality productions for young people and they will captivate them.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York. – The Metropolitan Art Museum is one of the world's largest art museums. With a rich collection containing many of the most famous paintings and works of art ever produced, the Museum will captivate many children, especially those who have an interest in painting and art. Collections of Egyptian, weapons and armor, medieval and European paintings will be enjoyed by children.
  • Museum of Natural History – Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, New York. – The Museum of Natural History is filled with fun collections and interesting exhibits that will surely capture the imagination of every child as well as parents. From Egyptian mummies and sarcophagi, giant stuffed elephants and wild beasts, dinosaur skeletons (including the now-famous Rexie from the movie Night in the Museum, which greets you at the front door), American Indian relics, totems and more. The Museum of Natural History is an exceptional attraction for families.
  • SONY Wonder Technology Lab – 550 Madison Ave. & 56th Street, New York, NY – The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a wonderful interactive computer study environment for children. The exhibits include creative interactive applications with cutting-edge technologies such as virtual surgery stations, animation workstations, and nanotechnology and robot stations.
  • TheaterWorks – 121 Christopher St., New York, NY – Based in Greenwich Village, Theatreworks is a highly regarded family-owned theater production company. Shows are only available on weekends, but performances are top notch and highly rated. The performances cover children's classics such as the Charlotte Network, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Seusical.
  • The New Victory Theater – 209 West 42nd Street, New York, NY. – Located in the Broadway area, the New Victory Theater is a youth theater with a bit more edge to it and probably more suitable for teens and older children. The performances range from the dark-haired to the younger style of avant-garde. The theater's interior is amazingly ornate and with just 500 seats the viewing is spectacular.

Epilogue to Nepal

After a month of traveling through exotic mystical land, what did I get back from my trip? Was it a neon-colored T-shirt emblazoned with the word LIGHT, or perhaps an unpleasant microorganism? Or like Bill Murray's character in the movie Caddyshack, I made friends with a holy man and received the gift of whole consciousness in gratitude. Like Carl, Bill's hero, would say, "So, I achieved this for me …"

Nepal is the poorest and most exotic country I have ever visited. The ancient blends with the modern here as easily and uncomfortably as it rejects poverty with the sublime.

The streets of Kathmandu present the stage and test ground for what I called the Zen Buddhist theory of chaos and its unlikely natural course. The movement of humanity through the narrow dusty city streets of Kathmandu is a pattern of beautiful chaos. Every inch of precious space of major thoroughfares through the city is welcomed by one form or another by colored men, women, beasts or moving machinery, yet they all manage to run without incident by miracle, avoiding a certain collision. Here in Nepal, the religious cultures and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism also manage to merge and blend without colliding with each other, although there is evidence that Indian Hinduism, with its propensity for materialism and class conflict, causes social friction and fracture .

Can another question be raised that as I explored the mystical world of Nepal, I had acquired some new wisdom or discovered a unique sense of harmony among Nepalis that did not exist elsewhere? Unfortunately, I would not find the presence of a holy man, guru, teacher or Tibetan monk teaching, there is no golden opportunity to delve deep into the beliefs and blessings of Hindu / Buddhist spiritual mysticism. However, I was able to speak to the Mountains, the Himalayas; a spiritual connection that offers true enlightened discourse. I was fortunate enough to listen to part of Nepalese history, engaging in conversations told through the personal experiences of several different Nepalese gentlemen and a proud sherpa mother; some fairy tales illustrating the human saga that exists throughout humanity, wherever you may be in the global community.

The first Mr. Ashes was 57 years old. old world traveler, friend and promoter for a local Nepalese blues band. He was not satisfied with the recent changes in Kathmandu. Ashesh admitted that in recent years, the standard of living has improved for the average Nepali in Kathmandu. Instead of walking barefoot, they now had their shoes on their feet. Many even chose mopeds to drive instead of walking. Yet, through his observations, he felt that the air of friendliness and community among people was diminishing. The pursuit of wealth and materialism has replaced better habits.

Its scope of observation is far from limited. His travels had taken him to America and Western Europe. He was well informed about American culture and politics. Ashash was also an honest man who liked to paint a fair picture. He said, "you think your government is corrupt," a reference to America. "Nepal has the most corrupt government."

Apparently Nepalis have lived in a depraved Kingdom for many years, a Kingdom quite isolated from the outside world for only a few generations. As in the modern world, the kingdom of Nepal clearly still suffers from the same inequalities inherent in the imbalances of the classical divisions of human power; Havey (in this case the king and his family) and Disadvantages (the rest). The recent unrest among the people, mainly caused by Maoist insurgents, has been pressured by the reluctant renunciation of the king's throne, which has allowed the slow introduction of a more parliamentary, democratic form of government in Nepal.

The Maoists became representatives in this emerging new government, but after years of counter-productive rhetoric, inaction and violence by Maoists against journalists and dissenting peasants, who are now critical of Maoist intentions, it becomes clear to the people that Maoists just want a share of the spoils and the power once held by the king; not to really help people. There will be no solution for nirvana here.

Political corruption aside, a matter of greater importance to my gentleman friend was the constant promotion of this wonderful blues band that we listened to and the influx of blues music into the Nepali mainstream (yes … they have an artistic mainstream, though mostly influenced by their great neighbor India). The band played great classic rock songs, including the generous helping of Jimmy Hendrix!

I told him about the wonderful experience in the village of Sauraha, which lay on the other side of the river from the Royal Chitwan National Park. Located along the river bank with a dirty river, restaurants create tables and chairs for visitors to enjoy the diminishing rays of the sun. Our Stage: A gorgeous jungle green tapestry, visible through the damp, dusty air of the Himalayas' misty backdrop. The audience, a horn of colorful nationalities, watched with awe as the sweet sunsets of subtle pastel shades bathed the surrounding jungles and mountains; extremely natural performance.

It wasn't long before darkness enveloped the jungle. While we were all still sitting in our chairs, reflecting on what we had just witnessed, I thought that he would not enter the theatrical screen with the ghostly portrayals of the film Barack projected on him, the perfect continuum to compliment this stunning sunset, using the evolving jungle night sounds of musical accompaniment.

Ashley's eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "Man, this will be COOL!"

Another nice gentleman I talked to, Kumar, was the manager of the hotel at his family hotel in Pohara. Kumar was smart, energetic and had a vision for himself, his family and his country. He stressed the importance of Nepalis to support each other by buying from Nepalese companies instead of India or other countries. He believes that this economic policy will enhance the sense of pride and hope among Nepalis, thus persuading them to seek opportunities in their own country rather than immediately applying for visas to seek opportunities abroad.

Kumar pointed to the local stone, which his family, at his insistence, used to build an addition to the hotel. Kumar talks about the devastating effect of the 10-year conflict between the Maoist rebels and the Nepalese government on the tourism economy that the Nepalis have relied on so much to make a living.

The view from the top of his hotel offered dramatic views of the Anapurna Himalayas; nevertheless, the view also provides a telling story of Nepali reality. The fronts of Pohara's buildings offered a dichotomy to economies; a tale of two worlds, the western and the developing world. The competition at the hotel was remarkable in the lake area.

Hotel-owning families were hoping that an attractive, expensive hotel would attract foreign tourists' businesses; many families are investing their life savings in these entrepreneurial ventures, taking the risk and betting that a steady stream of tourism trade will come in their way. Often, behind the attractive facades lie the very modest enclaves of local hotel staff and homeowners, barely equipped with basic plumbing and running water. Economic gambling is often seen today in new developing countries, betting strongly that some form of political stability will provide a convenient green light for foreigners to visit their beautiful land.

In the Kumar Hindu family, there was a conflicting aura between his brothers and sisters, mostly monetary-led by his patriarchal father, which disappointed Kumar. The social place and the strict observance of religious disciplines and traditions seem to separate rather than connect their families.

A very important Hindu festival, the Diepawali, with its colorful festival of lights, was fast approaching. For Kumar, the festival meant another stressful monetary obligation, as it was customary for a brother to present cash gifts to his sisters. Deepawali is a Christmas party on the outside, with stressful Christmas gifts for cash gifts on the inside. Poor Kumar …

Local bus travel can often be a source of stimulating conversation. As we sat squeezed together like sardines on a local bus returning from the ancient urban areas of Bhaktapur, I spoke with a Nepalese man who had lived in Dublin, Ireland for the past six years, making very good money as a manager at Hi Tech Co. He had just returned to Nepal to attend his cousin's wedding. Kumar might regard this man as a traitor to the cause of greater collective Nepalese good, but he could still honestly accuse him of pursuing a better path to himself. The man also speaks with good credibility and humor about the ever-changing global shift in job opportunities, moving from country to country, continent to continent, depending on the cost / profit reductions of ridiculous whims of global multinational companies. Ireland and China have already begun to overdo it, even with cheaper immigrants. Cambodia or Kenya to be the next economic boom?

The following two conversations presented the hopes and aspirations of today's carriers and guides. the first, Gopal, a young guide to Anapurna who loved his mountains. Gopal spoke well, was very worldly and very good-natured. He worked at a travel agency in Kathmandu when not on a tour guide. He goes to school to study languages. He was very good at languages ​​and knew that many language skills were becoming a larger sphere of foreigner guidance. He sent money back home to help his parents and sister.

I met the next person as I walked the Everest trek, each of us moving steadily with our loads of loads, taking in the magnificent views while carefully avoiding the abundance of Jacob's fertilizer along the path. He recounted his recent years of experience, carrying goods for others, learning the trade, acquiring knowledge of the mountainous terrain so that he could eventually become a leader. He also talks about his difficulties in dating his girlfriend, who is from another Hindu caste family; a recurring theme of Romeo and Juliet even here high in the Himalayas.

Then there was the proud, frugal middle-aged woman who owned a winning apartment along the Everest Trail. Her parents were refugees who fled Tibet during the Chinese invasion in the 1950s. They began a new life in the Nepalese Himalayas, gradually earning a good living, which enabled them to send her to college in India. Paralyzing her new educational skills with a life-long flair for business, she and her husband built a good livelihood for themselves through the burgeoning foreign trekking trade, while raising three children, who now attend various universities around the world. The futures of their children also promised much.

And as always in my travels, there were numerous simple acts of kindness and generous smiles and gestures from locals you meet on the streets and dirt paths through rural fields and villages. And what about those same people who offer goodwill to Hindu siddhus, Tibetan monks, or a passing stranger. Aren't True Practitioners Spiritual Enlightenment?

Are Kumar's trials and tribulations really different from those of a family man working in New York? They are two individuals living in two very diverse cultures, but they still share many common features of man. Nepalis, like the rest of us, want a better life for themselves and their families. Some take the problems around money and social status too seriously.

Life is what you create from it: sharing a smile and talking with strangers. In an effort to extend my benevolence to other people, such as the American I met to bring Himalayan solar water heaters to the peasants or Sir Edmund Hillary's charitable heritage to the Sherpa peasants.

There are no easy answers to find in emblematic spiritual dwellings in the world or in supposedly enlightened cultures. Does Machu Picchu's visit or hike to a Buddhist or Hindu temple provide immediate answers to an enlightened life path? Or are the answers more subtle, discovered during the daily journey of life? Are life's answers revealed during a high desert worship on Mount Kailash, a low desert worship in Mecca, or perhaps through a solitary walk in the forest; all kinds of forests.

I often find in my travels not so much in the sacred destinations as in the journey itself, but the good people you meet along the way, where the answers to the mysteries of life lie.

My last day in Nepal, I am standing in the middle of a busy street in Kathmandu. The usual beautiful, crowded chaos swept me from both sides, screaming, bouncing and still being heard, but now I hear only the constant rhythm of Buddhist chanting music streaming down the street. Sometimes the annoying tweets rape me, albeit pleasantly, as usual, but usually now I kindly shake my head and smile.

I look around and observe the chaotic and liberated way in which growth was built throughout Kathmandu; fierce disregard for electrical, utility or construction standards. Somehow everything worked; well, at least until the next eclipse, which happened almost daily.

I slowly shifted my eyes, leveling my gaze to the city street ahead. Soon, the particular physical forms began to blur, blending together, turning into blends of color and movement, until finally all that stood before my eyes was the silent white glow of the Himalayas.

Like Ashesh, my Blues fan friend would say "COOL!"

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