Multilateral Las Vegas casino hotels

Las Vegas hotels enjoy cult status around the world. They are known for their attractiveness, warm staff and great hospitality. However, this does not mean that all Vegas hotels have the same thing to boast about. In fact, it is in the diversity of these hotels that lies the attraction of Vegas. Each hotel can […]

Things to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York's most populous neighborhood is the favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. The area hesitates to be eclipsed by neighboring Manhattan and exudes a vibrant culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn presents the perfect blend of world cultures and world-famous attractions. Walking along the famous Brooklyn Bridge, an excursion to Green Park […]

Hotels in the USA: Guaranteed relaxation

The United States of America is more commonly referred to as the Opportunity Land. And as far as travel is concerned, this country offers many fabulous destinations where you can spend quality time. With 50 states, the United States is blessed with a stunning combination of big cities, smaller cities, forests, deserts and farmland. Mountains […]

Epilogue to Nepal

After a month of traveling through exotic mystical land, what did I get back from my trip? Was it a neon-colored T-shirt emblazoned with the word LIGHT, or perhaps an unpleasant microorganism? Or like Bill Murray's character in the movie Caddyshack, I made friends with a holy man and received the gift of whole consciousness […]